Wednesday, February 7, 2018

If you want me to dislike you

Tell me to smile

Tell me to relax

Tell me that's more of a man's thing

Apply your religious beliefs to others as if we should live by them because you do

Let the door close in my face instead of propping it open for me

Insist on getting off the train before me when you're sitting behind me

Have your conversations on speaker phone

Drive under the speed limit and don't use turn signals

Leave crumbs on surfaces

Leave dishes in the sink


Apologize for things you should not be apologizing for

Make me wait for you constantly - you can be late as long as it doesn't impact me

Make me repeat myself

Put the victim on trial

Say what about black on black crime?

Attack someone's appearance when you're losing an argument

Behave like a shared public space is your private living room

Act like rules are for everyone except you

Act like you are the busiest person in the world and no one can possibly relate

Shush laughter

Call me on the phone

Try to be something you're not

Refrain from voting

Live your life through your kids instead of letting them be their own little people with their own little lives

Butt in line

What would make your list?


  1. The lateness things drives me bananas!

  2. So many of these! Making me wait is probably my #1 pet peeve. Followed closely by having to repeat myself & telling me to smile.

  3. It makes me crazy when people never take ownership of their mistakes
    Are super judgmental
    Never try and see it from another viewpoint

  4. Telling me to smile because it's "almost Friday". Like, you have no idea what I'm thinking about.

    Send emails (work-related) without greetings or attempt at kindness or friendliness goes a long way.

  5. Putting me in a group text that has nothing to do with me and with no way to escape
    Vaguebooking on FB
    Disrespecting an introvert's need to recharge in private

  6. YES to all those things except for calling on the phone. Also, people who share their entire lives on social media.

  7. People who make me wait drive me absolutely insane.

    People who rant constantly on Facebook or those who ask questions and argue with everyone who gives an answer - basically Facebook.

  8. Ha, good thing I don't do any of these. I can't pick which one makes me craziest, but making me wait is easily top 3.

  9. Yes, yes, yes! Though I don't mind phone calls as much as leaving me a voicemail, because then the little number stays there on my screen annoying me. I'd add wo/man-spreading, using your bag to take up space on a crowded train and giving me a look or heavily sighing when I ask you to move it, unnecessary touching, and people who constantly flake out on plans.

  10. Pretty much all of these, except planes rather than trains for me. People using "I'm crazy busy," as an excuse drives me all the way up the wall and back down the other side.

  11. Yes to the majority of these - and this explains why I sometimes dislike my lovely husband. hehe. #dishesinthedishwasher ;)

  12. I can pretty much cosign nearly all of this list. Also, I cant stand getting added to groups on facebook or group chats that I didn't ask to be a part of. Going out in public while sick. Letting your kid listen to their ipad/device on the highest volume possible while in public.

  13. Most of these. See also, think your way of living or doing things is the best and only way, rubbernecking and not holding the door.

  14. Call me on the phone. haha. I'm always telling people, just text me - I wont answer a real phone call unless you're my dad.

  15. Vaguebook or attention seek on FB or Twitter or any social media.

    Be offended that my dogs live in my house when you come over. They were there before you.

    Leave one bite of food in a container and put it back in the fridge or pantry.

    Add me to a FB group without my permission.

    Group chats. I just fucking hate them.

  16. Talking on speakerphone... nails on a chalkboard.

  17. So many of things on this list... definitely calling me... just text. A huge one for me is people taking their shoes off in public like in the doctor's office waiting room seems to be common. Not your fucking living room!!

  18. Yes to all of the above. Also, stopping at the bottom/top of an escalator. KEEP MOVING.

  19. The same rules apply to all public transport, the people in front get off first! You can tell a non bus rider by if they get off the bus first!

  20. ALL OF THESE, but I lol'ed at "call me on the phone." HAHA. It'll never stop blowing my mind how rude and inconsiderate humans can be...I encounter multiple examples every single day.

  21. I'm pretty sure this post makes me like you even more :-)

  22. Act as if my directives are merely suggestions.
    Write a form letter for a kid who is counting on you.
    Don't put something on the calendar and be mad when I schedule over it.
    Insinuate that my kids deserved their spot less than yours did.
    Use the college process to teach kids a lesson.
    Mistreat dogs.
    Refuse to have a conversation and merely stand on policy.

  23. You've made so many valid annoyances that I'd hate as a commuter in a big city. I'm always convenience of other people's space and being polite. Manners and rules...learn them people! I guess it's too late for some adults unfortunately.

  24. I am bad about apologizing too often! I don't do it constantly but more than I should.

  25. Yep. Don't tell me to smile.
    And same with people on planes who sit behind you and try to get off the plane in front of you. SIT DOWN, THOMAS. WE'RE ALL GETTING OFF THE DAMN PLANE.
    Also, people who attack others for something physical during an argument are garbage. That's a HUGE no-no in my book.


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