Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - will we leave each other alone like this on the streets of Philadelphia

1. You know things will be nuts when your train conductors tell you not to take regional rail to the Super Bowl parade. My office is a few blocks off the route. My plan was the same as when the Phils won: go into work, go down to see some of the parade, go back to work. Not happening this time. Trains are running crazy and my worst fear is being caught in the city longer than I want to be and having to sleep in my office like someone in a movie. I want to see the spectacle but not be inconvenienced by it and you can't have it both ways so I’m working at home today and will see it on TV and through the lenses of some awesome Philly instagrammers (streetsdept, phillychitchat. urphillypal, 6abcactionnews, parkwaymuseumsdistrict, peopledelphia, illadelphia, phobymo, mauricejphotos among others).

2. Is it possible to lay on the couch or in bed without dogs all over you? Asking for a friend who suffers from resting bitch face.

3.  I'm poised on the precipice of not buying bread again. I am testing a few sandwich bread recipes. Do you make your own sandwich bread? Hook me up with your favorite recipe.

4. I'm working on cooking from my freezers and pantry and buying things here and there so I haven't been getting my groceries delivered. Which means more frequent but quick in and out grocery trips, all requiring that I stay on top of my reusable bags in the trunk game.
5. Show Us Your Books coming up on Tuesday! What are you reading?

6. I have a water pillow and skincare to return. Two lines of skincare, actually. I need to get my ass in gear. Damn returns.

7. There are a lot of people out there who never think about how their life would be drastically different if they were born into a different family or a different neighborhood. We cannot put our life experiences on top of everyone else as if we all started from the same place.

8. You know who has military parades? Dickless banana republic leaders, unstable dictators, and killers.

9. Reminder: I love weird. Come sit next to me.

10. Ecard of the week: This one's going to have to come out of circulation now.

Short and sweet this week. I had stomach issues Tuesday night and my second tension point release acupuncture yesterday afternoon, which basically renders me mute for the night so I had to throw this together on the quick. My brain has also been on the fritz this week.

If you're in Philly and at the parade today, enjoy, have fun (and patience!), and be safe!


  1. LOL you're literally just there to be a dog pillow, I love it. Good call on staying home today. I've gone to work during all the Blackhawks parades and the Cubs parade, poor choice on my part - I hate people, especially in groups.

  2. When I heard that he wanted a military parade it took everything in me not to text you. How do people not see the correlations between him and a dictator??? I think he'd be INCREDIBLY pleased to be a dictator over this country and is already well on his way by discrediting the media, spreading lies, doing whatever the hell he pleases and then denying it...and now a freaking military parade? I thought we were cutting spending--this seems like an unnecessary expense that the tax payers will foot. Ughhhhhhh!!!!
    Love the dog pic, including the RBF lol. Hope you enjoy your work from home day--I'd do the same thing, it looks like it's going to be bananas in Philly today! I think my nephew might be going down with some friends--we'll see how that turns out haha.
    And number 7. I think a lot of people lack the ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes, in general, let alone on the scale of picturing a different life or circumstances. It's a shame that empathy and this ability are lost on so many. Too many people are SO self centered, and ME ME ME!

  3. I really need to attempt to make bread. I loved homemade bread so much more but I've only ever made it with my mom. I know she used to make sandwich bread sometimes but I don't know what she did. I should probably ask for these recipes at some point & do it by myself...

    I can't do anything without my dog all over me ha.

  4. If you get a bread recipe, share.
    Good luck getting home today. &have fun celebrating

  5. Steph, the dog pillow, is my favorite picture. Seriously, I love how those doggies love their mama! And the pic with Mae and coffee mug, so adorable!

    I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he decided he wanted/needed a military parade. If you honestly cared about the military and its soldiers, you wouldn't ban transgenders, you wouldn't toss out careless words that increase the likelihood of war and put their lives more at risk, you would improve access to VA hospitals and care to returning soldiers who come home wounded, both physically and mentally. Not this stupid claptrap because you got a small dick. We already knew that.

    I recently read somewhere that as we grow older, our empathy lessens. It's the old man yelling "get off my lawn" to kids, which is funny, but it is unfortunate when it comes to an unwillingness to see other people's truths may differ from yours. That you may have a privilege that blinds you to their plight and refuse to step into their shoes and see the world from their eyes. It's my hope that because we know this that we can also do something about it too.

  6. I can only imagine the excitement and traffic in Philly! You will have to share some of your bread recipes with us! I want to start making homemade bread too!!! I bet it smells fantastic! I can walk through a bakery and nearly get drunk off the smell of homemade bread. mmmm. Returns are such a bullshit errand. Rip that band aid off and knock it off your list!

  7. Oh man I remember when we had our Superbowl parade 8 years ago it was nuts. I just parked somewhere far away and walked to a random location with no one I knew because it was a madhouse! So exciting! I love this bread recipe and have made it a bunch
    Also kudos for once to my do nothing republican senator who said this about the silly parade idea. “I think confidence is silent and insecurity is loud. America is the most powerful country in all of human history, everybody knows it, and we don’t need to show it off.” Have a good telecommute!

  8. I can assure you- it is impossible to lay down anywhere without dogs all over you!! They make the best blankets.

  9. Congrats on the SB win! Also, as you know, I had a pug (RIP) and if you EVER laid down, his ass was laying on you -- if you were on the floor on your stomach, he'd lay on your butt. If you were curled on the couch, he'd go in that exact crevice behind your knees. PUGS ARE THE BEST. Know what's NOT the best? Military parades for dickless draft dodgers.

  10. Number 7. Perfectly put. Your words are perfect. I screenshot and shared on Instagram.
    The bread making with yeast and rising and I would eat it all with tons of butter. Lol. I love the squishy pug pictures of them sleeping together the best.
    Thanks to the universe for our wonderful lives!
    Love. Your. Momma.

  11. I kind of love that your a dog pillow. That's a lot of love. That picture of Mae is the happiest I've seen her all winter. Number 7 is my fucking life every day I have to deal with financial aid offices right now. Recognize your privilege and appreciate it because when I'm calling you, someone's life is way more fucked up than you could ever imagine. (I've cried multiple times today already.) Did you hear the trump's approval rating is rising? The media needs to do their job and normalize this damn military parade nonsense. They need to show the truth of what this is - and it's not about recognizing the troops.

  12. I OFTEN think about how blessed I am to be who I am and where I am and when I am... luck of the draw? So many don't share that luck, and we despise them for it. Sick mentality.

  13. This time of year, every week lasts longer than the one before, it seems.

    I've had a return that needs to go back to the store since OCTOBER. I think I'll just keep it now.

    Hope you get some rest this weekend!

  14. I hope you're feeling better now :(
    I know Cleveland was a WRECK when the Cavs won a few years ago. Also, I think Cleveland had a parade for the Browns this year for a perfect season (all losses, lol).
    Also, the answer to #2 is no... Let your friend know ;)


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