Friday, February 2, 2018

The February Seven

See The January Seven here.

Wellness - this is mind/body/spirit so some things on here in coming months may seem weird to you and if that's the case then it is something for my spirit lol
1. Chiro, massage, acupuncture. Check, check, checkx2)
2. Light arm weights 2x/week. Fail. 
3. If it's not raining or snowing, 30 minute lunch walk M-F for American Heart Month. 40 minutes as it's the 40/40. 
4. Cornell West at the library. I so did not want to go, but I went, and it was awesome. 

Community - my neighborhood, my people, the world around me, causes I support, etc.
1. Food pantry donation - I made a monetary donation to Holy Redeemer Food Pantry since I am working through my pantry and only have weird stuff left. 
2. Monetary donation to Higher Heights, an organization harnessing black women's collective political power for Black History Month - I am pushing this to next month since I just donated to them in December. Instead I made a donation to the Real Justice PAC - a one time and a smaller monthly. Check it out. They are working to elect prosecutors who will fix our broken criminal justice system. 
3. Hand out comfort packs at Suburban Station. I didn't take them to Suburban but gave them to two guys who are handing them out down in Kensington. 

1. Making a new bread - hell yes I did! 
2. Clearing out pantry/fridge/freezers - still doing this. I have not bought stuff for an out of the blue meal. I am continually using what I have. 
3. A new restaurant - Parx Grill 

1. At least one dresser for the shore if I can find it at the thrift store - didn't find any
2. Shore mirrors if I come across good ones - didn't find any
3. No clothes/shoes/books/home decor/products unless one runs out and I have no replacement. Mostly pass. I ended up buying two frames for $12 and prints to swap out photos for $22. That wall update stuff has been hanging over my head since December. I also bought a T-shirt and bumper stickers from Everytown in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I feel okay about the spends. 

1. Change out wall decor Done by the skin of my teeth on 2/28
2. Purge baskets around the house I have one left to do in the bedroom
3. Position things to go back to the shore next month Check
4. Once a month photo Check. 
5. Set up recommendations tab on blog, thanks to Steph for the idea Nope - you'll see this next month

Purging - check. 

Acquiring - check. 

The Eagles are in the Super Bowl this weekend and the entire city is in green today. If you are going out Sunday no matter where you are, do not drink and drive. Call a friend or your family or UBER or LYFT or a cab for a ride or stay where you are. Have fun but don't put yourself or others in danger. 



  1. I really need to change out my wall decor/pictures that are in the frames.

  2. I read under Try "Try making a new beard"...then had to re-read because that didn't make sense lol. Can't wait to see the stuff you find for the shore!

  3. Very excited to see your recommendations tab, I'm always coming to you when I'm looking for something.

  4. I need to change out wall decor. Weve been in our home 17 years now & I just looked & thought of all the pics that I could change or switch up. You are fueling my decorative fires

  5. More purging, less aquiring, I'm in.

  6. I'm all about the purging this month. Trying to go through 28 'areas' around the house and organize/purge as needed. Could be a drawer, closet, or a room ... or even a shelf. Just 28 areas -- 2nd day in and I'm already behind.

  7. I started using Christmas Cards to update my decor. Specifically my brother and his family, they always have a great picture and I always feel guilty just throwing it away so I started using it to update my picture frames. Go Eagles!

    1. I put Steph and Mike Doyle’s Christmas card in a frame each year❣️

  8. My ass is staying firmly planted on my couch this Sunday. We're not Philly but, like I've said, many people think we are. It's kind of scary.

    I need a good homemade GF bread recipe because all the GF breads suck.

  9. Yes to more purging! And making homemade bread, it's been way too long <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. I'd give you the dresser that's been sitting empty in my closet for 6 months if you lived closer. I picked it up because I thought I'd refurbish it (it's thrift) but I've come to the conclusion that that's not happening. Good luck in your search!

    More purging and less acquiring is my theme for February as well.

  11. So, I have never made homemade bread on my own. I remember helping my mom make it all the time when I was younger. I need to change that ASAP! Along with pie. Still haven't done that yet either. I sat down yesterday and scheduled a skin screening check at the derm (haven't been in about 6 years, oops) and my annual gyno exam. So I am basically calling that a WIN for this month already. If I get real crazy, I might go ahead and make a dentist appointment too. Just get in all the torture.

  12. I need massage/accupunture/chiro stat. I have aged more in the last year than I did the past 20 it feels like. This are all so great, love the moving more. And I am purging, not buying and ubering/biking fo sho! Have a great weekend!

  13. Thanks for the Higher Heights recommendation.

  14. I love all that you do for your community! It shows your true heart and kindness! x Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  15. I may steal your thirty minute a day walk for American Heart Month. That's a really good idea. Hoping for a great Superbowl weekend for Philly!!

  16. January is a great time for new goals and a 'purge' - so therapeutic! Just thrown half my kitchen out and feel like a new woman. Your commitment to charity work and giving your time it really inspiring - it makes me what to integrate 'community' into my goals too - Europafox x

  17. I love the categories (as well as the goals)!

    I wasn't aware of Higher Heights ... Thanks for shedding light on that organization!

  18. I'm writing this during the SB with 8:31 left in the 4th quarter and the Patriots ahead by one. I think like I can FEEL the anxiety radiating from your city at this moment. I'm praying for a Patriot loss, too. Ughhhh!
    Anyway... good luck with all your goals! I can't wait to check out your recommendation page once you get it up & running!!

  19. I feel like I need to write the expression More PURGING Less Acquiring on my forehead. haha. I love this set up of sevens (and I probably said that in january too - but great idea)


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