Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shit I've Gotten Weird About

1. Organic coffee creamer. I will go to a separate store if the store I'm in doesn't have it. In order for that statement to have weight, you should know how much I hate to make another stop for something if I'm already in a perfectly good store. I want it in my fridge yet I never even think about it when I'm drinking coffee out. I'm perfectly happy, sipping away. I know, it makes no sense.

2. The color of my coffee. Let's just get the coffee shit out of the way. If I am out and purchase coffee and it's too light, I will hand it right back. I'm paying for it. Make it my color. I'm not rude about it, but I'm getting it my color.

3. Blankets. They have become the new water/book/sunglasses, which are the three items I always have with me. I don't want to go anywhere without one.

4. Laundry powder. I used to worship at the altar of Gain. I could not get enough of Gain products. Almost a year ago I started dabbling in more earth-friendly laundry powders that could be purchased. I am not interested in making my own laundry detergent although I have tried to convince myself that I am many times. I’ve tried a shit ton and my favorites are Bianca del Mare's Natural Laundry Powder and Molly's Suds. Both are better for the environment and they do a great job of cleaning clothes. I scent my laundry with essential oils on dryer balls.
5. Straws. I carry stainless steel straws in my purse and if one isn't in there, I go without. Bruce likes them too.

6. Balance. If I feel my life is out of balance, I am Quick Draw McGraw cancelling shit or getting rid of interactions with people who suck to get it back in check. If someone tries to pushes me to do something I don't want to do because it interferes with my balance, I will push back and not nicely.

7. Deodorant. I used Secret Clinical for years and swore I would never use anything else. Never say never. Last winter I switched to Tom's Lavender. And I haven't sweat to death or stunk anyone out so I've reversed my stance on more natural deodorant.

8. Soap. I refuse to buy packaged soap. I want it made, damn it.  I usually stock up at the shore from Blue Lotus (favorites are Saltwater Driftwood year round and Satya for winter), L.E.H. Soap Company (favorites are Jersey Girl, Rosemary Mint, and Peppermint; MFD uses Gentlemen Only), or Bianca del Mare (favorites are orange blossom and sandalwood, her soaps are palm oil-free), but recently bought some from a high school friend on Etsy via her shop Green Lotus Essentials (favorite is lavender & rosemary, her soaps are palm oil-free as well). Store made soap has a lot more shit in it and lasts longer but these soaps make my skin feel better and don't dry it out. I can use them in lieu of shaving cream too. I have even managed to break MFD of his store soap dependency. That was pretty easy given that I'm the buyer of such things but he stopped whining about missing the store bought soap quickly.

9. Having too much when I know people are out there with so little. Don't get me wrong - I like my things. I always have and I always will. I'm not a minimalist or a capsule wardrober. But in the past year or so I've really started to look at what I own and why. And thinking if I don't buy things I don't need in the first place, I'll be in a better position to help more people who literally have nothing. What is life if we don't continually examine how we live and why we live that way? I am still 100% a treat yo'self woman, but I'm more mindful of purchases now...and where I make them.

10. Under eye concealer. It's called being almost 41 + this wretched trump administration, okay? When I don't use it I am The Crypt Keeper. I switched my under eye concealer methods thanks to Sara's recommendation. While I am all for under eye concealer as mentioned above, I do not filter my face in photos. And I don't wear face makeup. Here I am. LOL.

What shit have you gotten weird about?


  1. Couldn't survive without concealer either!! Biana| BlovedBoston

  2. I haven’t worn concealer in a hot minute. Ditto in eliminating things that suck my soul dry. When I find myself accumulating things I try to stip and figure out where I feel I’m lacking. We buy Amish soap here, it’s amazing.

  3. There’s not enough room here to speak of my weirdness. I am going to look in Tom’s Lavender though. I’ve been a Secret girl forever. Forever. I have let the RF world take over my skin and I only wear mascara. That’s it. I’ve never lived bed my skin more.
    I am also more inclined to look out for my own sanity these days. And getting real on my blog. Like REAL. Have a great day!!

  4. I wear makeup a dozen times a year, otherwise its moisturizer with SPF. I only use Irish Spring for body soap, its what my dad loved and I just cant stop buying it, probably not the best for my skin. I protect my "work-out" time like my life depends on it, it makes me feel good in so many different ways. I have switched to Native natural deodorant, although it does not survive a workout but why should it? I also feel like the longer I use it the better it works. Happy F'n Tuesday!

  5. I am fussy about the color of my coffee too and sometimes feel like I'm Goldilocks. Too light, too dark, ahhhhh ... just right! I need to check out that laundry soap since it sounds like it is scent-free? Tide is normally my detergent of choice but the scent can bother me, not always but when it does - I'm miserable. And being more environmentally friendly is a huge bonus to no sneezing. I am becoming more particular about where I spend my money too and supporting companies that deserve my business.

  6. I live by under eye concealer. I went on the rabbit hole and the link to the product is blocked at work, what brand do you use? I am weird about my Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk and Sabra supremely spicy hummus. I will go to a second store as well for those!

  7. I like Toms deodorant, too.
    I need to get better at balance. I think I do a good job, but then the exhaustion and bitterness sneaks up on me. Ugh.
    I like my coffee on the lighter side ;) 27 and using under eye concealer, too. Ha.
    Checking out Molly's Suds now!

  8. I haven't tried Toms deodorant but I use Primal Pit Paste and really like it! I feel so much better knowing I'm not using something with aluminum in it. Under eye concealer is amazing for those extra tired eye mornings (or, what I call, every morning haha). I'm still a sucker for Gain--haven't looked into other detergents or even really thought about it (and didn't realize that Gain was bad for the environment. You just schooled me!)

  9. I wont leave the house without under eye concealer and mascara. I am trying not to scare the villagers. We only buy honest laundry detergent. Chris's skin is crazy sensitive and I have done experiments with other stuff before and about day 2 of wearing the newly cleaned clothes Chris asks me if I changed something because he's itching. Its uncanny. I'll have to try Toms. I tried all the other natural stuff out there and it all quit working after a month. But if you say it works, I'll believe you.

  10. I am the same way with my coffee creamer - I have to have the Natural Bliss - basic real stuff - dont give me the junk in the other creamers that you can't pronounce. I may have to try that - isnt that Target's brand?
    I cant even sit in my house with out under eye concealer. if I see a mirror, i'd scream with the darkness & bags under these eyes.
    Yeah, I look at my coffee too out & if its not the right color, i wince.

  11. at the very least i have to wear concealer otherwise like you, it's like i crawled out of a crypt lol.

  12. : drags soapbox over and stands on box:
    Attention my weird thing is children’s toys mainly 1. They are crap 2. Some have way too many. Please buy you children decent toys. Note I consider sidewalk chalk decent, I consider a tennis ball decent, but slime and tiny plastic toys like shopk1ns ugh.
    Today I babysat and I gave them shoeboxes, paint chip samples and catalogs from home improvement stores and they made their own room. They don’t need a lot and when you have 3 playrooms you have too many
    Thank you
    :Steps down returns soap box:

  13. I'm still a Gain liquid detergent girl but I agree with your transition to more earth friendly products. I just need a good scent to make it all worthwhile. Like freshly cleaned sheets. Little Bruce is such a cutie! Lola used to jump on all the tables until she became to "tubby" to jump LOL Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  14. I feel like I'm weird about a lot of shit these days as well. The biggest thing for me lately is food. Yes, I'll still eat things that are horrible for me once in a while (like Dunkin'), but I've been much more aware of what I'm putting into my body.

    I love blankets too. Okay, it's more like an obsession. I always have at least two blankets sitting on the couch with me at all times. It's become a thing in our house. Haha.

    I definitely feel you on #9 as well. Eric and I have been trying to save like crazy (the big goal is purchasing a home, but we also have other savings goals), and I think it's having a weird effect on me. Not bad ... Just weird. It's like knowing that we're able to put aside money without really sacrificing that much is making me more aware of the fact that some people can't do that. We've both been more mindful of purchases because of this (and obviously because we want to save as well).

  15. I still can't get over this great place I recently visited! This isn't only a good place. It is also one of the best around here. There isn't a listing of the unique offerings, although there should be! These venues in San Francisco are magnificent!

  16. The true test of a new product is always how quickly the man in the house stops complaining about missing the old one. Always.
    I’m also weird about concealer, deodorant, and my stainless steel straws. I’m less weird about laundry soap because it’s not worth the battle - if I let it go, John does almost all the laundry. But it has to be his soap. That’s a trade I’m willing to make at this point in my life. I’ll circle back when I retire and have more time at home on my hands.

  17. I don't think I've ever heard the phrase "protect your peace" but I'm pretty sure it's my new life motto now.

  18. I think you're beautiful so if I can be where you're at in another 7 years then I'm all for it! Protecting your peace/balance/sanity should always be the #1 priority. it saddens me that so many people don't. I'm actually on the fence about Tom's. I have the same one and I honestly find that I can smell myself by the time I've walked to work. I used to (sometimes still do) use Degree and never had a problem with it. Maybe Tom's just isn't for me?

  19. I might need to try your deoderant. I use Secret and it gets the job done... but I've noticed a lot of my clothes getting discolored.... which is a very expensive problem. I'm not sure why or what has changed but that's definitely not working for me. Balance and sanity isn't getting weird about anything... more people need to subscribe to that theory so we can be the resistance.

  20. I've been trying to find some more natural products as well. I currently love my Schmidt's deodorant. I might even try their natural toothpaste.

  21. under eye concealer is a must. i never regret putting some on, that's for sure, even if it's the only thing i wear lol.
    i need to try Tom's and a more natural laundry powder.
    so i am with you on the blankets, except just in my house (or other people's houses, no shame) but haven't quite worked out how to actually have a blanket on me at all times, i feel like people might look at me a bit weird? lol


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