Wednesday, February 14, 2018

10 more ways to speak my love language

In case no one hits you up on this Hallmark holiday, I see you. I think you have a lot to offer the world just being who you are. Your mere presence in this life is valuable.

The title of this post is not referencing the actual five love languages - although mine is acts of service in case you're interested (ie cut the talk and DO SOMETHING, so fitting to my personality) - but more pedestrian ways you can speak my love language.

1. Produce brownies that are fudgey, not dry and cakey.

2. Be a feminist in the true sense of the word -  be for ALL women, not just those in your race or class or religion and not just those who would make the same choices you would make in every circumstance.

3. Play Bruce Springsteen.

4. Tell me and the world about a cause that means something to you.

5. When I say no or I can't, leave it at that.

6. Don’t crowd me on the beach and don’t feed the freaking seagulls.

7. Embrace your weirdness and let your freak flag fly. We are all a little weird if we're honest with ourselves. I love weird things and people.

8. Respect my need to recharge alone after time with people.

9. Know I like to stand still and enjoy my ice cream cone, not walk while eating it.

10. Be prepared to discuss Dirty Dancing in depth as if the people are real. But don't expect me to be out on dance floors for real.

What are some ways people speak your love language? If this post sounds familiar, you might have read it before.


  1. Ugh people feed the pigeons here, by the train tracks. Drives me NUTS. I'm an animal lover, I even put spiders outside and will hold snakes, but I freaking loathe pigeons.

  2. Interesting about #9 - I always walk and eat LOL not by choice.

  3. Oh my gosh, DON'T FEED SEAGULLS.
    Also, I love weird people. I, myself, am strange & unusual. (If you can name the movie then you're definitely speaking my love language. Lol)
    One way to speak my love language is to ask to pet my dogs :) First of all, because you're asking and you should ALWAYS ask to pet dogs, and secondly because you're showing interest in my dogs & who doesn't love my dogs?!

  4. I'm laughing about the seagulls because YES! And no crowding--we were just talking about that the other day since we're trying to plan our vacay this summer. Yummy fudgy brownies! Gimme!!

  5. I so could talk about Dirty Dancing with you for the longest. (did you see that 20/20 special last night on love movies & that was on there talking how much Jennifer Gray & Patrick Swayze didnt get along behind the scenes? ... the girl was like, STOP CRUSHING MY DREAMS!!!)

  6. Yes to all of these!!!! But especially brownies. Fudgey brownies are the only brownies in my opinion!!! If they are dry and cakey...its basically cake, not brownie.

  7. Mmm fudgy brownies sound so good. yes to your first sentence. Also to letting your freak flag fly, lots of that yesterday at Mardi Gras and it was beautiful!

  8. Feeding seagulls is the worst. ❤️

  9. Understand that because of the million filmstrips I was subject to in elementary school, I am emotionally unable to NOT cut up the plastic rings from a 6-pack. Even if it's not mine. Just hand me some scissors.

  10. I love this list and I can relate to almost all of it! My goal is to someday be able to make fudgey brownies, mine always come out cakey, which as someone said above, is essentially just cake.

  11. We all need alone time to re-charge, and fudgey brownies <3

  12. I'm with you on acts of service. Don't just talk about it, be about it. :) I also prefer to stay in one place and enjoy my ice cream.

  13. yes to fudgey brownies, people who hear the word no and don't pressure, alone time, and respect for Dirty Dancing; the greatest movie of all time.

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