Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter is coming.

The pendulum is swinging.

Double down on efforts. 

Keep showing up. 
Refuse to be silent about things that matter, such as racism, misogyny, xenophobia, LGBTQIA rights, the rule of law, democracy, integrity, respect, education, civil rights. 
Get out the vote, including in the primaries.
Hold government representatives accountable for representing citizens, not their donors or corporations. 
Call them, fax them, write them, tweet them, show up at their offices. 
Put their feet to the fire. They work for you. 
Let sitting Democrats know that if they listen to corporations and donors over constituents, they’re next after we deal with the imminent danger of Republican representatives voting against common decency and people’s lives every day. 
Participate because democracy requires it. If you don’t you’re living under a Lord of the Manor system thinking you have to take what they give you. 
Think critically. 
Do your research. 
Know your rights.
Exercise your rights.
Speak truth to power.
Point out abuse of power. 
Protect the free press.
Care for the poor, the sick, the elderly, the forgotten.
Stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves. 
Help those in need.
Amplify the voices of marginalized groups. 
Thank black women but also support and fund their campaigns because we owe them more than thanks for voting in the best interest of communities nearly 100% of the time - they have by far earned leadership positions in those communities.
Believe women.
Work hard - practice self care and take breaks but don’t for one second think we’re coasting now and the work is done.
Recognize authoritarian overtures and plant yourself on the right side of history. 

2018: expect us.


  1. Picture me, being that Meryl Streep GIF right now where she's at an award showing pointing and excitably yelling, YES YES YES!


  3. I’ve never been so relieved as I was this morning. It’s time to really drain the swamp of the perverts and good ol boys club. I am done. DONE! #GetThePerveOutOfTheWH

  4. Praying 2018 is the year things get turned around for the better

  5. My favorite out of all of this is - They work for you. They certainly do, and it's time they start listening.

  6. I am so ready for 2018. On the one hand, I am absolutely overjoyed about last night, but on the other hand, there is still HALF of a state that wants a pedophile in the US Senate. We have a long way to go, but every baby step helps.

  7. Yes. It's so easy to forget that they work for us. Damn it, we're going to make them work in 2018.

  8. I love this so much. So very, very much. All I can think about is - Get Ready - 'Cuz Here We Come. I don't think they understand what they have unleashed. I'd pity them, if they weren't disgusting racist, misogynistic morons who deserve to be kicked to the curb.

  9. If Alabama is any indication of the shitshow they have started, I'm ready for 2018 to bring it. I NEED 2018 to bring it. 2017 has sucked the life out of me, but Alabama gave me hope again... so let's go!


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