Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - but all this year's been a busy blur don't think I have the energy

1. I just this week realized that one of the lyrics in Christmas Wrapping is most of '81 passed along those lines. I googled it and it was released in 1982. I wonder if The Waitresses knew people would still be be-bopping around to it 35 years later in 2017? I don't think I was thinking of this in 1981.

2. We could, of course, insert these lyrics now: Bah humbug to the FCC, they tried to kill net neutrality. It's not over yet buttercups. Call your Senators and ask them to use the Congressional Review Act to save net neutrality. Look for a march near you as well - there's one in Philly on January 13. This is important to all of us.

3. Once all of my official Christmas duties were finished in the office, there was much rejoicing in all the land and I spent a few lunches this week Christmassing in Philly at the Christmas Village.
4. And my beloved Wanamaker Christmas show (playing through 12/31, check this year's info here) - no pics this year, I did not have my phone with me. I just wanted to zone the fuck out and watch the show but I might pass through again this week or next. Still left: a trip to DiBruno because it's not the week before Christmas unless you are doing elaborate dances with strangers in tiny packed aisles while waiting in line to buy expensive cheeses you do not need. #hohohomofos

5. Who's spending her 41st birthday with Springsteen on Broadway? THIS LADY. I can now die happy. Well, after the show on March 15. 
6. One of the greatest surprises of this year is how accommodating Gus has been to this puppy.

7. Another week, another action at the Capitol against the tax scam that these greedy fuckers passed. Nothing to do about it now except vote anyone who voted for it out if their seat is up on November 6, 2018. If you are not registered to vote, hit me up! Thanks to MFD and others who are putting themselves on the line for the tax scam and healthcare. I hear he's been shown on Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe and other news stuff this week. For your perusal when you get a moment: 17 Women of Color Who Rocked the Resistance in 2017Cole Hamels and his wife donate their new, $9 million home to a non-profit that works with individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses, opEd piece the GOP despises the trump base and so does trump; and for those of you who think your vote does not matter/one vote won't change anything. Today I will be calling my democratic Senator along with Nancy Pelosi (202-225-4965) and Chuck Schumer (202-224-6542) and telling them no funding for CHIP & no Clean Dream Act = no budget vote. Do NOT vote for any budget that does not include a vote to fund CHIP and for a Clean Dream Act. Even if you have to shut the motherfucking government down. These are kids - their healthcare. Kids - who grew up here and have no other country to return to. This is a goddamn disgrace and un-American on both accounts. 

8. There's a special Show Us Your Books Favorite Reads of 2017 the day after Christmas! The link up will be open into the new year. p.s. I hope no one reading this is one of those people unironically saying "see you next year!" on December 31.  

9. Reminder:

10. Ecard of the week:

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. There's only more light from here. That's all my brain can put forth today. I'm crawling toward this holiday weekend. 

How about you? 


  1. I love that photo of Gus and Bruce! And the reminder e-card - so true. Net neutrality is a hot topic at my kids' schools -- at 15 and 13, they're upset they can't vote but they're sending emails to our senators anyway. They're more involved than I was at their age.

  2. Lovw the keeping Christ in Christmas post. Yesssss
    I love that Harvey has accepted Ernie so i feel you on that one with your babes

  3. I am so bummed I only got to do the DiBruno Dance online this year. I love the Italian Market store.

  4. Springsteen on Broadway?! What a great gift, you go MFD!

  5. MFD is getting famous! Seriously though I appreciate his willingness to take a very public stance and get himself arrested all over TV. Bruce Springsteen! Now that is a fabulous birthday present. Awww, I'm glad Gus has adapted so well to his new baby brother. They are so cute together. Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit like taking from the poor to give to the rich. And the very fact that they prioritized a humongous tax cut for the wealthy and wealthy corporations (versus small business owners that didn't get crap) over funding healthcare for children and protecting Dreamers, makes me angry and sad. And also laugh out loud at their so-called Christian values. Fake news, indeed! And on that happy note, I wish you and MFD and your fur babies a very Merry Christmas and here's to a progressive new year.

  6. I love the pic of Bruce & Gus.
    Also... I'm jealous of every place/city that has a Christmas marketplace area. Small towns are great, but we miss out on some cool stuff. Ugh.
    Very much a fan of the Christmas memes.

  7. that multicolored tree! so i'm not a fan of Bruce Springsteen (SORRY) but that is awesome -- those tickets are super hard to get, no? go MFD!

  8. I'm so happy that we have more light going forward. Last night I actually looked up the sunset times for the next several weeks and it made me so happy.

    Matt's going to DiBruno today. He's dreading it but I need that fancy cheese.

  9. This is the third time I’ve tried to leave a comment. My brain is toast. Anyway so bummed I didn’t see MFD on Rachel Maddow. There are 2 reasons why I didn’t see him even though I watch her. 1. I don’t really watch as much as I listen with my eyes closed so I can sleep. 2. I have horrible facial recognition and probably wouldn’t recognize him I’d like to say because it was probably a quick glimpse of him on tv but nope I stink.
    I love the Christ In Christmas I wish people would start treating each other with dignity.

  10. That will be an amazing birthday :) I'm super jealous that MFD got to take a selfie with Elizabeth Warren. So cool.

  11. I fucking hate those idiots in DC. Vote all of them out who refused to stand out for decency.


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