Monday, December 4, 2017

TWTW - the one without rest

Did you ever get to Sunday night and think now what the fuck happened Friday? That's me this weekend. I eventually recalled that I got home and half assed started Christmassing while the house was a wreck and the puppy was in zoom mode. Not smart. I gave up, put laundry away, packed my bag and the car, and headed to the shore. Once there I made the bed and started going through shit that can't stay there over the winter because it will freeze and reconstitute into dreck. 

I went to bed at midnight with the sinking feeling the Tax Scam would pass the Senate and woke up Saturday to find out that it had. PLEASE call your House of Representatives rep about this bill. There is still time - the House and Senate bills must be reconciled and they must hear from us from both sides of the aisle. We're not rich. This is going to hurt us in the long run while it helps people who don't need it

Up by 6 for a glorious sunrise, although likely my last of this season which is never a good feeling.
I had some coffee at Drip N Scoop before I finished cleaning out both fridges and pantry food and packed up clothes and health and beauty aids. I went up and down a million stairs a million times. I took my last bike ride to finish my Christmas shopping on Asbury Avenue at B&B and my favorite Blue Lotus. I also rode up to the boardwalk and got some peanut butter fudge at Shriver's so I could eat my feelings about closing up the house until March. One of the best things about the off season: no one locks up their bikes. I left in the early afternoon and I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry on the way home.
No rest for the weary back at home, I started a ton of shore laundry so MFD can take it back this week and carried on Christmassing. We moved furniture around, MFD put the tree up, and a million more up and down the stairs ferrying Christmas shit and regular shit all over before dashing out to HomeGoods to fill some decor holes. When I got back I reintegrated the shore dog and pantry stuff into the house before falling out at midnight. Help from the dogs: zero.

Bruce Springsteen slept in until 6:30. I jumped into weekly food prep and laundry. While cooking at 7 am I had two awesome blog ideas that I was sure I'd remember a half hour later but of course they're gone with the wind. Aside from weekly food prep, Sunday was errands ($5 flowers and Target), futzing with Christmas shit, laundry, nails (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Set Sail and Grape Shifter) and putting shit away. I swear I didn't sit down for more than 10 minutes all day until 5 pm and I didn't even finish my first cup of coffee until 11:30. And while the weekend in total felt short, the day felt oddly long, which is great when you have a lot of shit to do. 
Bruce drug the dog bed over to the Christmas tree and I thought oh, how cute. No. Not cute. He pulled it over there so he could lay on his back and eat it in comfort. The aesthetic in Gus's photo is how I'd color Christmas (pink, blue, white, silver, sparkly) if I didn't live with Clark Griswold the red gold and green traditionalist. 
Sunday night Clark Griswold did his window with Mae barking merrily. I cried because she was a chorus for Geege's bark and I was missing that fiercely. I never thought I'd miss that cacophony. 

Weekly food prep
Can we discuss how perfectly the pineapple corer works? I'm sad I have wasted previous time wrestling with the slippery bark of pineapples. Breakfast this week is scrambled eggs with a side of pineapple. Lunch is ham chowder, the stock came from a hambone I had in the freezer and was a few hour process. Dinner is chicken enchilada pasta made with homemade enchilada sauce and topped with black olives - I roasted the chicken thighs, yellow peppers, and onions I used in this and it deepened the flavor and it's fucking fab. I had extra enchilada sauce that I froze. I also made a huge ass vat of veggie meat sauce - it has mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, onions, and ground beef. I froze all of that. Aubrey and Stephen will take some of the ham chowder and veggie meat sauce after the baby gets here. 

I experienced some holiday lunacy in Target. I will not enter stores during the day anymore. My favorite thing about the commercialism of the season is being able to get in and out of stores earlier and in relative peace.

Happy birthday to my uncle Billy today!

How was your weekend?  


  1. I got car park raged at over the weekend so I'm officially done visiting shopping centres until the new year.

    Sorry about the closing shore house sadness :(

  2. I feel the same way every friday and feel like friday shouldn't be counted towards our weekend!! You got a lot done and glad you guys have gotten your holiday decorating up! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Glad we give mostly money. And glad we have amazon prime. Looking forward to the shore house and our pool reopening. I can hear Gamma saying don’t wish your life away.
    God and Goddess speed for a happy and healthy week. Health is wealth.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. I hung out with teenagers on Friday night and since they were still giggling away at 2 am Saturday morning I read Twitter and swore silently to myself about the tax bill.

    Saturday around 8 we sent the teenagers in their way and we went home to sleep. We basically binged watched tv and dozed on and off.
    Sunday more church stuff with a side of laundry and menu making

    I also read a great deal and wish I could make that my full time job

  5. Feel you on the weekend, it was so fast this time. Yay for all the Christmasing, we did that too.

  6. This weekend was totally one of those weekends for me too. I has a conference all of Saturday and wedding appointments Sunday. By 4 pm Sunday I got home and almost cried for my lost weekend!

    Bruce pulling the bed so he can eat the tree in comfort is hilarious!

    When you close up the house, do you go visit it at all or you just leave it till then? Id be sad too if it was the latter. PS amazing sunrise!

  7. I'm so glad Bauer is too weak to pull his bed from the bedroom to the tree or he would do the same. But, he is either sleeping or eating the tree this time of year - there is no in between - so perhaps his comfort isn't that important?

    I know you close down your particular house for the winter, but is there enough life happening in OC for people to live there year-round?

  8. Since turning 40, I've started to realize that we aren't kids anymore, and it's time to actually live the stuff we worked so hard in our 20s and 30s for. Seeing you live your beach house dream is so inspirational. I don't know if Shawn and I will go the real estate route for ours, but just know that I love reading about your shore house and your life there, and when you wrote that you cried on the way home, my brain thought, "But Philly isn't really home anymore, is it?"

  9. I had a big deadline on Friday, which wiped me out for Saturday. I made some progress on things I needed to do (like put up the tree!) yesterday, but I'm still mad that today is Monday. Evening shopping in the the only way I'll brave stores right now. People are crazy. Unfortunately, I haven't done much (any?) holiday shopping... so I need to get after it. Otherwise it's a season of hohono / hohohomofos, I'm a grinch!

  10. Yes, the good weekends always go by so quickly. P.S. Loving the nail combo!

  11. Mine also flew by! I could use another day. I went to Bath & Body on Saturday, bought a candle on sale and vowed not to go back during a sale or holiday again. You would think they were giving away money in the candles. Winter in a beach town is different. It is sad to see restaurants close, although Myrtle is becoming more year round. Now, only a handful close in December. This past weekend was in the 70s and perfect for a walk on the beach and a good reminder of why I love living here!

  12. There is such a thing as a pineapple corer? I had no idea. I need one.

  13. I feel the same way every Sunday night, like what happened?! Loving that nail color, and all the Christmasing!

  14. Haha, I called senators during our 40 minutes commute to a holiday party. I was so damn proud of my multitasking and then so sad that this is my life now and that it's normal. Grrr. Also, I smiled so big when I saw that video of Mae barking. I felt like she was bossing him around and not liking the arrangement.

  15. What stuck out for me: the label maker. OF COURSE you used it.

    I'm over the holidays this year. I care about Erica's birthday next week and the rest can suck it.

  16. Every. Single. Sunday. I didn't help that by passing out at 7:30 last night. I came so close to stopping for fudge on my way back to Dallas from Austin yesterday. I decided I was too in the zone driving & didn't want to stop anywhere.

  17. LOL at Bruce eating the tree from his bed! Did I miss where you talked about your pineapple corer? I think I need one!

  18. Rudeee that the dogs offered little help. Especially since it appears Bruce is completely capable of helping, seeing as he rearranged his own furniture to maximize comfort while destructing. Hahaha.

  19. Ugh my congressional delegation is useless, I am going to call again. I love that Bruce moved his bed, Ginger is too small to do so but I know she would. Sorry about closing up the house, I know it is your happy place! I think I need a pineapple corer!

  20. I feel you on trying to decorate with a baby, human or puppy! We’ve barely had time to get up any decorations because of the girls! I’m glad that you got to spend a little time at the shore though!

  21. I will ONLY go into Target now during the weekdays before 3pm. Which means I almost never go to Target. But there's no way I'm going here on a weekend.

    Oh Bruce.

    I always get good blog ideas when I'm driving and then they're gone as soon as I get home.

    1. I was up at 5am with our pup. I forgot those morning wake up calls.

  22. Look at all your decorations, love! I avoid places on the weekends, especially Holiday time and if I must go I too go early when it's quite lovely. Glad you got so much done!!

  23. Help from the dogs: zero. Typical.
    Christmas is killing me with missing Grace.
    Convenient and comfortable tree-eating. very sensible. planning coup.


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