Wednesday, December 27, 2017

TWTW - the long one with the Christmas

Only insane people go to grocery-like stores the Friday of Christmas weekend. Hello, I'm insane! Friday night we went to the Philly Young Dems Holiday Party with Johnny D and shocker, we were not the oldest people there. ShopRite and a drive around the neighborhood looking at lights after that.

Lots of dog time today. The chair photos are basically my life with dogs. They don't care about anyone's comfort. 
We also found Bruce's secret pee spot (basement loveseat) about 20 minutes before MFD's family came over for Christmas. ho ho no. Don't mind the pee, family! Freaking dogs. Bruce LOVED having the kids to play with. If you need a quick and easy dessert, I recommend this cookie pie
Other Saturday things: A Very Brady Christmas, Erin Brockovich, started a new book, painted my nails (Zoya Rikki), love love loving my new ornaments from my goddaughter Libby and one in memory of Geege from Melissa and Jim. I love my people. 

I didn't feel like doing a damn thing so I didn't until it was time to go to Sandy's. I missed my parents and Chris by a few minutes and caught Jenny & Evan on the way out. My brother and Aubrey weren't there since my nephew was just a week old and MFD's parents weren't there either. Light year but good to see our people as always. Please note the top middle photo, my favorite Christmas Eve sighting: Heather's necklace. 
Off to my aunt & uncle's after that which was fun as usual with my favorite appetizer foods. Back at home we watched A Christmas Story and unwrapped gifts. Nothing says Christmas like civil rights and serial killers, am I right?

MFD left at 2 am to do part of an overnight shift for the homeless volunteering like he does every Christmas Eve. He got home around 7 and went to sleep and took the puppy with him, so the morning was lazy and quiet and I loved it and made mac and cheese and bread for later. It's the first time I busted out the ol' bread maker in a while. We are usually off early on Christmas morning so it was a really nice way to start the day.

Christmas travels: stopped to see MFD's Dad, then Mom & Rich's. 
Then dinner with Dad & Carol at Stephen & Aubrey's. Lola Jean is hilarious and so smart, and my nephew looks like an angel. 
Home to hang with the dogs, read, and eat cookies like it's my job. MFD did a 10:30 - 2 shift for the homeless Code Blue - anyone local who is interested in training to volunteer with Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) and able to do night shifts, let me know! I will hook you up with info. They are in need of volunteers. If they don't have volunteers, they cannot set up temporary shelters on Code Blue nights and these people have to sleep out in below freezing temps. 

A 9 am facial and trip to Target to score all the Christmas deals kicked off the day. I spent the rest of the day cleaning shit up and putting Christmas away because Bruce has destroyed too many things and I am petrified of him breaking something I can't replace. It's not even that he could get into stuff - he just jackasses around and bumps tables and the entertainment center and shit falls and breaks. Plus the window lights, they're toast. I also spent too much time looking through photos to order some new canvases. 
We had dinner at MFD’s Gram’s house since we hadn’t seen her yet for Christmas. She’ll be 89 in two days. I love the perspective of people who have lived through a lot. She is...not fond of the president, to put it nicely. Not even a little bit. 

More de-christmassing and staying up until 1 am to finish a book. Zzzzz

Weekly food prep
I'm sort of picking through shit from the holiday (read: eating cookies for most meals). Let me get back to you on this next week. 

How was your Christmas?

Back in the office today to do a big clean out. In case you missed it: my favorite reads of 2017


  1. Sounds like a busy Christmas.
    I will keep my recap short just the highlights.
    Friday was supposed to be a full day of work but most surrounding towns were calling early release due to impending weather. Our superintendent would not call and basically the rumor is DOT got involved and made her call early release. That sent the students into extra over drive and after the last bus left I just enjoyed the quiet before heading out to beat the storm.
    Christmas Eve day Pagaent time! I was tasked with watching the “animals” really the little kids dressed up like animals. My husband helped and we “misplaced” a few but it all turned out ok next year I am watching the angels. After the pagaent we hit the ground running and didn’t stop until 11:00 pm
    Christmas Day cane with snow and a power outage. It all worked out though and a blessed time was had.
    Now I’m off for a week and trying to recharge and take care of myself so I’m starting the new year in a good place.

  2. I can do you one better - I went to the grocery on Saturday. Thought I was going to loose my mind.
    You already took Christmas down. Good for you. I expect mine will be down in February ;)

  3. Christmas is always nuts when it falls on a weekend. I love all the dog pics. How do puppies ALWAYS come up with a secret pee spot?? Enzo's was in the basement behind the armchair. UGH. He also has a no-so-secret puke spot in this new house. He's a puke-y dog. I don't know.
    I ended up in Target on Saturday night. My recently single friend who is also recently in a new apartment with only half of her belongings decided she wanted a TV. Cue us in a crazy Target two days before Christmas. Ha

  4. What a full and family filled weekend! Love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love that all the dogs will sit on you. That's basically my happy place, being surrounded by dogs. Obviously, it's because it doesn't happen that often, lol. What did you make with your bread machine? I was thinking of pulling mine out, but I couldn't think of anything that I was ready to make so in the closet it sat. It's gotten so cold this week though that I might have to make something tasty.

  6. I'm in the office today, too, and I should be cleaning out, but hey! I don't believe you're doing it, either! Lol! Happy New Year!

  7. I would like to hibernate right now. Lovely long holiday weekend❣️ Love Gussie and Bruce Springsteen on the windowsill.
    Goddess speed for a beautiful rest of 2017. 2018 will be fabulous. It will. Love. Your. Momma.

  8. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! Your Christmas morning sounds so relaxing!

  9. I agree that Christmas is always extra insane when it's on a weekend. Glad you got to spend so much time relaxing and with family (even with that crazy Bruce around :).


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