Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind

1. Yesterday I started to feel weird right before 2 pm and I realized it was because I had not eaten any holiday treats. I cut myself off cold turkey from Christmas cookies and felt the pain. Yikes and a fucking half.
2. I have no idea which end is up this week. I can't get my schedule in order either. Just keep swimming just keep swimming. I do know my hair appointment is on tonight's schedule and thank God.

3. If anyone near Lower Bucks County is looking for volunteer opportunities in the new year, please consider the organization MFD volunteers with, Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need. They are in need of volunteers period, but definitely in need of anyone who can work an overnight shift on Code Blue nights - see MFD's Christmas video here. The next volunteer training is January 4 at 7 pm in Fallsington. Sign up here to volunteer.

4. I've been thinking about what I want out of 2018. I love the symbolic clean slate the new year represents, although we know logically that every morning is a clean slate. 

5. I will of course be attending the Women's March on Saturday, January 20, the anniversary weekend of last year's March, which I attended in D.C. I'm going in Philly this year. The official Women's March crew is gathering on January 21 in Las Vegas to launch the collective 2018 Women's March agenda: Power to the Polls (remaining info in this point is from the Women's March website). Why Nevada: Nevada has recent experience with some of the most pressing issues facing women in our nation today, from gun violence to politicians accused of sexual assault. As a swing-state that will shape the Senate in 2018 and as home to a strong activist network, Nevada is the perfect place to commemorate the Women’s March and continue building our electoral power. If you can't make it to Nevada: Women’s March Chapters are organizing exciting state-specific anniversary events, from marches to legislative actions to community events to voter registration drives. Check in with your local Women’s March Chapter to learn about their anniversary plans. What will come next: This anniversary event in Las Vegas will kick-off a national voter registration and mobilization tour targeting swing states to register new voters, engage impacted communities, harness our collective energy to advocate for policies and candidates that reflect our values and collaborate with our partners to elect more women and progressives candidates to office. 

6. I'd always like my plans to be this though.

7. I was lacking a silver nail polish (Essie No Place Like Chrome) so I used an Ulta gift card to get one. Ho ho ho. In case you didn't know, I lay a large part of the success of my weekly self-manicures at the feet of Orly Bonder. I've been using it for many years. 

8. Should we talk about how brutally cold it is or nah? Too early in the winter for that? I actually like winter, I like all the seasons...but my like is temperature conditional. Temps in the teens? Go fuck yourself, winter. Me on the train platform every morning: 

9. Reminder:

10. Ecard of the week:

Last Thursday Thoughts of 2017. TTFN. Are you working this week? 


  1. With this horrible cold weather, my heart breaks thinking of those who are cold because they can't afford to adequately heat their homes or because they have no homes. Steph, you and MFD have inspired me to sign up with my local homeless shelter. I have added my name to their volunteer list and hopefully will be able to serve others better in 2018. That Liz Gilbert quote is everything. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to be a better version of myself. Love to you all.

  2. # 9 The other night as I was climbing into bed I said out loud to nobody in particular “ ahh nice clean sheets, clean pjs and a full belly” then I cried. I was so struck by the simplicity yet the difficulty. I was so overwhelmed by it all. jeez Louise life shouldn’t be this difficult for people. We help when we can but it never seems to be enough.

  3. My complaints about winter started week before winter did. I hate winter.
    I'm so lost this week. Don't know what's up or down& totally no clue what day it is

  4. John is having a very rough time with the weather, he refuses to go outside if he's not on schedule at the firehouse. Me and Hawkeye are totally loving it, we were made for negative degrees and playing in the snow!

  5. What?? You're marching on my birthday?? My feelings are hurt!!

  6. K hates the weather, too. I love the coldness (although today I was fantasizing about driving with my windows down). I keep getting messed up on the days... I think today is Thursday but it could be Friday. Or Tuesday.

  7. I'm only a fan of winter when we have loads of snow and everyone is snowed in. If I have to get out in it, no thanks. I went in and worked a few hours yesterday but I plan on using the last bit of 2017 to read and prepare for what I can do to make 2018 better.

  8. I've decided to finish off the Christmas cookies this week and start on January 1. You know, that whole clean slate thing. No lie though, the first morning after overindulging on carbs, my stomach nearly ate itself. It's amazing how fast our bodies get used to crap. Why can't they get used to other stuff like that? I've been working from home this week, which is good and bad. Good because I get a lot done. Bad because I look up and I've worked the whole day. My desk/office is such a shitshow since I haven't been there in about two months that I refuse to do anything with it, lol. As far as winter goes, my jeans ripped on the last day of the semester and I keep thinking I need to go find some new ones before Philly... you just convinced me.

  9. IT IS BEYOND COLD. Love how you're doing the Women's March again; you're an inspiration!

  10. My fam in MI is suffering some brutal temps as well. We are even having a Southern Arctic blast but won't comment on our temps lol. Suffice to say it is very cold for us in Atlanta. I am only working today this week and just to catch up a bit, time off has been glorious! I ma still eating cookies on the regular, I'll be cut off from all of it soon enough!

  11. I love the cold, but like Alabama cold. We have an artic blast this week and it is in the 20's and 30's. That is my sweet spot. Much colder, and that is just plain ridiculous! I dont even want to think about how awful I am going to feel when I cut all the shit from my diet next Monday. RIP cookies!!!

  12. It’s never to early to complain about winter. Holy FK it’s cold here.
    Omg I’ve also way too much sugar in the last two weeks and it’s friggin brutal. MUST CUT THE CORD!! Lol!

  13. So many great things in the post, but especially #9! My parents donated the money they would have spent on Christmas gifts for their parents, kids, grandkids to different 'causes' this year. But it's also important to help out through out the year!

  14. The cookies are gone, but only because I lacked the oomph to go crazy baking this year. My brother gave me a box of Godiva for Christmas AND I'm off this week so I'm rocking the reading on the sofa with bon-bons look. I should go to the March to get re-charged. It's literally only a 25 minute train ride away.

  15. I'm with you on the last one haha. Now that Christmas is over I'm ready to skip ahead to spring!


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