Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - the room was togged out gorgeous with mistletoe and shawls

1. When I was little (for sure too little for caffeine) and it got cold, my Mom Mom would give me tea with two spoons of sugar, thaw some frozen fresh strawberries gotten at Styer Orchards that summer (back when strawberries were not regularly like frankenberries) and set out a little sugar for dipping and say we were having a little taste of summer. I will never move away from the foods of my childhood.

2. Hell is in Southern California. The fires are absolutely devastating. I know we are all tight this month. If you have anything to spare here’s how to help victims of the Southern California wildfires.

3. MFD was in DC Tuesday protesting this fucking Tax Scam (he was arrested in the same group as two of the women who organized the Women's March, Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland - I was fangirling via text, hello not appropriate). We are of the John Lewis school when it comes to civil disobedience. Seeing comments on facebook leads me to believe that people think being arrested on a charge for civil disobedience means you languish in a Washington DC jail cell for days until someone springs you and you have to go to court and be branded a thug criminal/drain on society for life. That's not how it works - Capitol police process you in and out. Just in case you need to know. With the way we're going, it seems like more of the electorate is going to have to put their bodies on the line before this is all said and done. Know the process and your rights. Do not resist arrest. Do continue to resist authoritarianism and bullshit from the government.

4. To do list for the next few days if you are of my political persuasion although I believe the tax bill and net neutrality should be making citizens on both sides of the line raise holy hell but I have actually seen people defend tax cuts to billionaires on their own can’t make this shit up, it’s a fucking crazy world right now: call your House reps about the tax scam - as this opEd states, it's not quite a done deal. Call everyone about passing a Clean Dream Act and saving net neutrality (we have until December 14). Email Time to thank them for making the silence breakers the People of the Year. Even if you do zero of the above, repeat out loud once a day every day that this shit is not normal. None of it is normal.

5. Mark and Sarah came to hang with the dogs Tuesday and I worked from home Wednesday since MFD had to go to the shore to do his part in closing up the house. The water gets turned off tomorrow. I'm not well. Anyhoo for a time it was just me and my dog squad and they made the most of it: Gus and Mae got baths on Wednesday which prompted Gus to rage shit on the floor. Bruce destroyed the window lights, two more picture frames, and continued work on his destruction of the tree. I also washed certain pieces of the couch twice. Just a regular day. Bruce's destruction of three of the five frames on the bottom of the entertainment center have prompted me to finally do something I've been meaning to do - change the photos. They're at least six years old, and since the glass frames are not puppy shatterproof I have some canvases of photos I've taken on vacations on the way to fill the spots. Merry household Christmas. Our gift is replacement of things our dogs have destroyed. ho ho ho mofos

6. You know I can't stand Elf on the Shelf, but I can get behind this use.  Even though picky me wants it to read You've got to and...leave it alone, grammar police. Do you guys follow the I Ain't Doin' It Lady? She's a fucking riot and she did an Elf on the Shelf video. I'm with her.

7. I tried a new Tea Tree Oil Shampoo from Maple Holistics that they sent me for free. The smell is good, my hair feels clean, and it lathers well which is not always the case with cruelty-free products. It's also safe for color treated hair which is a total must for me. I really need the corresponding conditioner to see if this is something I'll continue using when this bottle is done. Maybe Santa will leave a bottle of that in my stocking. Check out their free samples program.

8. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday! Spoiler alert: I finished Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi on Monday night and was just floored by it in the best possible reader way. Jana and I are also hosting a bonus Show Us Your Books on 12/26 about favorite reads of the year. I'm trying to prepare that now so I'm not scrambling at Christmas.

9. Reminder:

10. Ecard of the week: The past few Christmas Eves have been grossly warm and humid for Pennsylvania at the end of December.

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  1. How many times has MFD been arrested? (I ask in awe and reverence, he's a badass.)

  2. Fangirling....arrested....inappropriate....awesome sentence!

    Nope to E on a S! That lady knows what's up.

  3. This might be yoyr best blog post ever. I love everything about it.

  4. I lol'ed that you're Santa, so chances are good ;) Glad you found an awesome shampoo--hoping the condition is great too.
    I was just talking to my mom friends about Elf on a Shelf and we all think it's a little (lot) nuts. I like the way this person's using it though--it should be used to encourage the GIVING and not the GETTING. I'm tired of this culture of gimme's and greed. Hello...look where we are politically, which is a whole other can of worms. Good for MFD for standing up and speaking up! These blowholes only want to end net neutrality so they can control the rest of the information that gets put out there and remain in their power-hungry seats. God we need a shake up!

  5. My grandma did the same thing with strawberries in winter! And number well said. None of it is normal.

  6. First of all, rage shit cracked me up!! Second, I'm fuming over the House bill that passed yesterday that expands concealed carry gun rights. It's mind-boggling to me that in the wake of the Vegas and Texas mass shootings, our reaction is to loosen gun restrictions? The NRA is totally running the show. Props to MFD for fighting the good fight!

  7. MFD is so badass and so are you. I love the passion you guys have for doing the right thing! You may be more bad ass for fangirling though haha.

    That first story made me a bit emotional - and Im not easily emotional. What a wonderful tradition to keep up with.

  8. My husband and I were talking about that the other day, of how unusually warm the past couple of Christmases (both here in KY and in WV when I go there to celebrate with my family) have been. I wouldn't mind a white Christmas this year. Sitting by the fire watching the snow fall sounds pretty good to me.

    Hear, hear! I was so glad to see TIME's person of the year.

  9. Yeah, it's insane everything that is happening these days. It's not normal and I'm tired of people trying to make everyone think it is. That first tweet about someone's grandma surviving Nazi Germany is terrifying and sad...and yet, I get it. I can see it. It's messed up and good for you and MFD for doing your part to fight back! I have this tote bag with a quote from Oscar Wilde on it that I LOVE: "It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion."


  10. I am glad chances are good for your conditioner. My SIL showed me the I Ain't Doing It Lady on Thanksgiving. It's pretty hilarious!! We have a chance for snow here tomorrow, but I am sure the heat and humidity will find their way back to us between now and Christmas. Only in the south can you have all four seasons within the same week multiple times a month. It's a weather roller coaster!

  11. I like elf on the shelf. Watching our grandchickens marvel at the magic of the elves is awesome. To each their own. I have 2 stuffed elves that I move and send pictures to them. Continued Godspeed to Mike Doyle and May congress and those in power do the right thing for all. I’m calling and tweeting. Booie at over 2 still needs to be watched. Sasha entices him to do bad stuff, too.
    Godspeed to all that is good. God help and heal those touched by these natural disasters. Puerto Rico is still really hurting.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  12. What a sweet little treat! I love all the things in this post, probably your fan girling the most. Old hot and humid New Orleans in bracing for a chance of snow tonight, weather is weird. i want this for christmas instead of hot and humid too! I need to see more of the ain't doing it lady.

  13. I live on the opposite side of LA that's burning but it's still freaking scary. All those pictures and videos break my heart. And every time my damn phone's alarm goes off with an alert, it gives me a heart attack. We need the Santa Ana winds to stop. We need rain. We need people to understand climate change is real! Good for MFD for getting arrested. I honestly don't understand how net neutrality and the tax scam became partisan issues. If you use the internet, which pretty much every single American does, you are going to be affected. And those regular folk who admit that they will be hurt by the tax scam bill and still defend it blow my mind. They really went and drank the damn kool-aid. Last year Minnesota had weird weather at Christmas. It's was negative 40 when I arrived and we had a thunderstorm on Christmas day.

  14. I didn't like strawberries when I was younger, but my brother was always given strawberries and a bowl of powdered sugar as a treat.
    I love the idea of using the creepy elf to do good.
    The entire dog paragraph has me cracking up. Mine are currently mad at me because I've been cleaning like mad in the evenings and I only do that before we go on a trip. Which they're not wrong, I am going to a cabin this weekend, but Enzo is coming with me and Ly is staying with K. So jokes on them.
    I should try that shampoo. It hate it, but I definitely struggle with dry skin and dandruff on my scalp :(

  15. mmmm sugar and stawberries, yum. my mum used to cut up strawberries and sprinkle sugar over the top. so good. love childhood memories associated with food.
    bruce is hilarious. sorry he is destroying everything lol. good thing he's cute.
    oooh i will have to check out that shampoo. love that they do free samples. the no lather is definitely a problem. i get cranky when i buy something and after 1 use i know it's going in the bin because it sucks.
    i've heard Homegoing is amazing. i had it from the library but didn't get to it in time. clearly i need to request it again.

  16. Haha, since I am Santa, chances are likely. Well said! Yes to giving away toys not being used, adults need to do this as well. My mom was not a coffee drinker growing up, so it was always hot chocolate with marshmallows as kids, memories!

  17. MFD is a gem, truly. The fires are devastating and the videos I'm seeing look apocalyptic -- I can't even believe it. Fuck Roy Moore FOREVER...if he wins I SWEAR TO GODDDDDDDDD.

  18. I fel like you all just opened the house. Where did the time go?
    I cdont know how moms do that stupid elf. I do good to do life in general & not add on another stress

  19. The I Ain't Doin' It lady cracks me up so much. Sugar for dipping is brilliant.

  20. I love how committed you and MFD are to getting the message across that this is not normal. It really is not normal. It's scary and then life goes on and I'm not sure how to reconcile that. It annoys me that I'm not a US citizen so I can't join in protesting this stuff! At least I can donate to campaigns, though.

    Elf on the shelf is problematic for me. Thankfully not something I have to worry about :)

  21. The strawberries (not frankenberries) story is real! I used to do the same thing with my great grandmother! Love that story. That John Lewis quote is the most real and honest thing that people should live by. I don't understand how we got to a place where so few people feel that way. This. Is. Not. Normal. I've got to the point where I look at everything going on and wonder if it's by design. Blow up the Russian investigation to distract from the tax scam? I'm becoming a paranoid skeptic. I will tell you that - from the ground floor of my job - there are some things going on that suggest that this administration is certainly targeting low income families. They may not get a "budget cut" through congress on some of these things, but they are doing enough on the back end to ensure that they are not having to pay for those families. Stay tuned. I've got a reporter working on it.

  22. I've never had sugar on strawberries, but think I must try it! I didn't know how the capitol arrest process worked. Did you know before you went or was MFD surprised by the situation? Interesting. I don't do it with the elf, but I made my kids give up toys at Christmas time too. If there are no empty spaces on the playroom shelves they can't get gifts. They have to do that for their birthdays too. I just added Homegoing on my list!


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