Friday, December 8, 2017

New Christmas Carol: The Errand Song

On the first errand of last night the universe gave to me
A missing ship to store package Home Depot comedy.

On the second errand of last night the universe gave to me 
Zero cans of Mae’s food I had called about previously.

On the third errand of last night the universe gave to me 
No high maintenance person organic creamer for my coffee.
(who am I?)

On the fourth errand of last night the universe gave to me
Driving the wrong way on two one ways to tap MAC for money. 

On the fifth errand of last night the universe gave to me
A loudly arguing about not suitable for public things family.

This post could also be titled Five Reasons I Get Everything Delivered. 

Happy weekend my friends. May you not have any verses to add to this song. 


  1. Organic coffee creamer, look at you!

  2. Haha. I sp get the loud arguing family one. No shame

  3. hahaha that was awesome! Well done!

  4. Haha yikes! Delivery for the win!

  5. Oh my, this is so creative and funny. Sorry your deliveries failed. Have a good weekend!

  6. This is amazing! Sorry about all your mishaps, and yes to having everything delivered!

  7. That is a terrible day. And also affirms why I, too, get as much delivered as possible.

  8. So creative and funny! Yes delivery all the way!

  9. Leaning towards the delivery of everything. Made the decision to go to Aldi's and Target this afternoon -- came home with strong negative feelings towards humankind. Have been alternating between reading and Netflixing ever since.

  10. If I had to add a verse to the song it would be about people who back out of parking spaces in busy parking lots without looking! Fa la la la la.

  11. Hahaha this sounds about right. I love love love the Christmas season, but I hate hate hate peopling with the public during the Christmas season.

  12. I need more details on not suitable public things. After all, if they are going to do, I'm going to listen. And judge.

  13. LOL! And yes to deliveries!!

  14. My sisters and I have written several breakfast carols... we're quite proud of them!


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