Friday, July 21, 2017

Hey guys! I got my poop in a pile

Can you resist the siren song of using poop in a title or an image of poop as a weapon? I can't.  What a world. What a world.

It's a good thing vacation is worth it, because the prep going into it and dealing with the cyclone coming out of it is a bitch. Yesterday I worked from home to concentrate on a lot of writing I had to do and knocked that out like a boss, even though it took me until 11 pm. With two more hours in my day because of the lack of commute and the ability to do a quick task on my way to or from the bathroom, I was able to get my house back in order, which was no small feat given the destruction on each level in every room. It's like we returned from vacation and vomited all over our own house with our own things.

Some things are still out of place as always - I don't have the fire within me to finish the basement purge and reorganization right now, so things are still going down there to sit and collect dust - but I do feel like things have been set pretty much to rights.

What needs to go back to the shore is packed up and in the basement ready to be loaded into cars, including my new beach chair, and the cluttered dining room table from hell was mostly cleared.
New sheets are on the bed, and that's the only place I am okay with pattern mixing. Five loads of laundry were done and some was put away. This is not dream life, this is real life. In dream life all the laundry is put away immediately, no one is a fucking asshole, everyone has more than enough of what they need, you can eat what you want and never gain too much weight, no one puts the toilet paper on so it pulls from underneath, we're all equal, you can always find the shoes you want in your size, there's no litter, and dogs never pee or poop inside.
A vat of iced coffee is turning itself into magic in the fridge, a fresh pitcher of mint green iced tea was made, power breakfast muffins were made and frozen, and mexican stuffed shells were made and half frozen. The ones with cheese are dinner tomorrow.
My reusable bags have made their way back to my trunk after a big Target re-stocking trip and I returned shoes to Famous Footwear that I kept forgetting to return. Hey Target, why the F would you sell a light up Hangry sign? It is a state of being that is frankly dangerous for the people in its line of fire. No one is safe. Bring food. 

Geege got his pre-dental bloodwork done at the vet and my furry coworkers got a shit ton of attention.
I used the sassy oven mitts I picked up on vacation and put some of my treasures in my living room shell jar. I like looking at my various shell spots and knowing they're from so many different places.
And I displayed a little art card I picked up on vacation. My God does not care what you look like outside but my God does care what you look like inside and my God don't like ugly. 
We're heading to the shore tonight, and I feel a lot better about my life getting my poop in a pile at home and work. I hope you're heading into the weekend feeling good about where you are today. If you're not, there's always tomorrow.

Toodleoo and TGIF, mofos. And happy birthday to my friend Mr. Chris.


  1. Can't sleep. Didn't want to look at my phone but glad I did. Such an awesomely efficient day for you. We had a lovely Lola visit and after that I was a slug! I love that my shells are from different places, too . I saw on the new it's Night in Venice weekend in OCNJ. Goddess speed for a lovely weekend.
    Love. Your. Momma.

    1. I couldn't sleep either, I stayed away from the phone but turned on the tv. Hopefully tonight is better!

  2. I love the art card - gotta remember that when the uglies start rearing their head. And being a pug-mama, I love the pics of your three!

  3. the dining table is done! gives me motivation to finally do mine *as i sadly look at my terrifying table*

  4. I LOVE those oven mitts. And love the God don't like ugly. Can I just make copies and hand that out to everyone ever? Okay thanks.

  5. Quite possibly the best oven mitts I've ever seen.

  6. The before and after a vacation are always so rough, but you're totally right that the actual vacation is always worth it in the end! I'm glad that you were just able to get life in order before a trip to the shore!

  7. LOLed at the toilet paper from underneath. Anyone ever argue with you about that, send them this -

  8. I love that little sign you picked up and what it means!! Those oven mitts ought to bring a smile to your face after a long work day, love it! Hope you enjoy your time at the shore this weekend!

  9. I always feel there should be a mandatory law that everyone gets a day or two after coming back from vacation to get their home and life back in order before returning to work! My God doesn't like ugly either. And I feel sad that so many people think they are acting godly when they are acting ugly. Those oven mitts - I want. Have a great weekend at the shore!

  10. I love travel too but you're right you need a moment to decompress after. So much so that I have a trip planned from the 3-8th August ... and I took till the 10th off because my brain does not function well immediately after vacation.

    I'm impressed. I literally still have my clothes from camp that I went to nearly a month ago still sitting in a pile near the washing machine. At least they're out of the suitcase.

  12. Sounds like a productive day of working from home-- sometimes (or all the time) the extra time you get back from commuting can be a game changer! Looove your jar of shells, and I was just looking for a good stuffed shells recipe, so I'm definitely going to check that one out!

  13. The dream life sounds so amazing, can I sign up fir that instead? Love your use of the poop emoji, you got shit done lady! Enjoy the shore and the fruits of your hard work.

  14. It feels so dang good to just have everything "correct." I totally get it. Especially after vacation. We have a friend that says "get your poop in a group" (vs. get your shit together). Hahaha. It's a wonderful saying. Enjoy your weekend at the shore!

  15. i envy that your house is more or less back to order, mine is definitely not. in fact i still have boxes from when we moved in because i figure why bother if i am going to have to move them again for renovations. haha. took that a bit too far. seriously with the toilet paper pulling from underneath though. so annoying. LOVE your sassy oven mitts.

  16. Enjoy your weekend at the shore! Love the new bed sheets and the sassy oven mitts! I need your iced coffee recipe. Sounds delish! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  17. I ordered a ton of that Moroccan Mint tea after you recommended it and I am obsessed. I've been making several pitchers a week. So refreshing!

  18. Mae looks so little in vulnerable in that picture... it makes me forget that she can be hateful Hazel. I'm currently working on that laundry bit. If I can wash everything AND put it away today... I'll consider this entire week a win.


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