Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - Observations from the road

1. My neighborhood facebook page has been on fire over fireworks the past week. I live in a section of Philadelphia where a random Wednesday night at 11 pm seems like a good time to set off fireworks. This happens all year, not just in the summer. But the past week has been vicious and people with dogs and babies and those who fear having their deck or car catch on fire from debris (true story, one neighbor's deck caught on fire) rail against illegal fireworks and everyone else is all you're pussies they're fun get a life (pretty much a direct quote). So that battle has been raging, and I kept the dogs at the shore with me Sunday night to avoid the fireworks. I could not avoid them on the third and Fourth and Mae was berserk which I did not feel like dealing with before a long, early drive. So I feel like taking illegal fireworks and shoving them up someone's fucking ass right now.
2. The drive was good. It was fine. Is it weird that I barely remember it even though it was a few hours ago? Writing this on Wednesday night with this view from our room in Ocracoke. It's dark now of course but still just lovely.
3. From 4:30 am to 5 pm yesterday, the only things I ate were my Mom's chocolate chip cookies and a slim jim. It did not occur to us to have a proper-ish car lunch so MFD hustled me over to the closest restaurant as soon as we checked in because he has been on the receiving end of my hanger enough times to know to cut the head off the ugly beast before it gets going. We did stop to pee a few at Pea Island. Have I mentioned how much I love bathroom stall graffiti?
4. We also did a quick drive by of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. I always forget about how wet the south is until I am solidly under its blanket of humidity. We did not climb the steps. Also, I think MFD might actually be using Instagram on this trip. Follow him here.
5. I also have a picture of a unicorn poop candy that's on MFD's phone. I'll let you imagine what that looks like until I get the photo and insert it here.

6. I'm trying to disengage over the next week but seriously LOfuckingLing and WTFing all over the place forever because people thought NPR tweeting the Declaration of Independence to mirror what they've done on air for 29 YEARS (they read it on July 4) was propaganda or calling for a revolution. Most quite simply did not recognize the tweets for what they were. Maybe the lack of familiarity with the Declaration of Independence or Constitution is how we got to this place. For anyone not familiar, while they are connected in spirit, they are two separate, distinct documents.

7. It's about that time, my friends. Remember to join Jenn on Saturday in the 4th Annual Worldwide Day of Awareness and use #JennsVision in your social media sunglass selfies. If you have a minute, check out Jenn's (facebook or YouTube). Follow/tag her on Instagram as well.

8. Readers! Bloggers! Show Us Your Books is Tuesday.
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10. E-card of the week. 


  1. I love Hatteras and Ocracoke! Both my Mom's parents lived there when they were little. Enjoy the ocean view and humidity, haha. It's going to be 104 here with the heat index today!

  2. Amen on the illegal fireworks 💥 Jmj on the NPR tweets. It's ridiculous how uninformed some people are. Looking forward to all of your pictures on Instagram.
    Enjoy your vacation time. Love. Your. Momma

  3. thankfully, the folks around me were respectful about fireworks and shut that shit down by 1030pm...which is surprising because quite a few aholes live around me.

  4. I have extended patience for illegal fireworks most of the time, but I had words with a neighbor on the 4th because he was setting them off at... wait for... 1:30 am. 'It's not even the 4th anymore, it's the 5th, and people who aren't lazy scum sucking leeches of society actually have to go to work tomorrow' was pretty much my exact quote.

  5. I can't with the fireworks, people are being ridiculous assholes about it. They have no common courtesy for others.

  6. There needs to be a hashtag just for bathroom graffiti...
    The fireworks & battle of said fireworks is getting REAL ... I have to say, I dont get shooting them off every stupid night for a week at god-forsaken hours. I tried to sleep - because WORK - & man, with nervous dogs & the sound, I would have throat punched the people if I knew who was shooting them off at midnight

  7. For our independence people go nutso with the fireworks also. I cant with that level of absolutel stupidity - the poor animals go crazy. PS That view from your room is gorgeous!

  8. Yay, Hatteras! My neighborhood was sucky with fireworks too. NPR...gah, I love NPR.

  9. Love the "on the road" thoughts. We've got one more full day at the beach left and we have yet to visit a lighthouse. Maybe I can convince them to go tomorrow...
    (And I think you're right- Emerald Isle is a wee bit north of us.)

  10. Ohhhhh I'll be heading to SC in August and am not looking forward to the humidity!!!

    True story - my high school ex-bf's son blew off 2 of his fingers and broke his hand in 6 places because a roman candle exploded in his hand. IN THE YEAR OF 2017 PARENTS ARE STILL ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN.

  11. That's annoying with fireworks on random nights of the week to stir things up with the pups and well humans too. Ha! to the last funny....better dealing with it in the ocean than in a pool.

  12. Hope you're having fun on your trip! Same thing is going on with our neighborhood facebook page. I'm sitting on our patio at 9:00 on Saturday as I type this, and I hear fireworks. I'm sure the neighbors are going to have lots to say about this!

  13. Not going to lie... I was a little annoyed at the full week of fireworks. Why can't we celebrate on the 4th? When did we extend it a week? I get it - it's on a Tuesday. That's life. I don't remember it being like that the past few years, but it felt like every night, for a week, I was woken up by fireworks.

    Enjoy your vacation. I'm enjoying all the photos.

  14. My neighborhood did the same thing with fireworks and it's still going on (the fireworks themselves, and the Facebook name calling). I hate when there is no meal plan for a long drive. My husband still does not understand my hanger and will spend a ridiculous amount of time finding a "good" place when I am like "a drive thru will suffice so I don't murder you, please and thanks." Enjoy vacation and your disconnect!

  15. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I get so annoyed with people in the neighborhood who light off fireworks!! One house was doing it all night woke up from a dead of sleep at 3am. I wanted to go out there is light them on fire. So annoying.

  16. People are so ridiculous with fireworks-- it really baffles me how anyone can think it's appropriate to do them continually at all hours of the night. Love the selfie of you guys with the lighthouse!


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