Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - time has wings

1. I'm pretty sure my best boy Geege has close to no teeth left. He was under for yet another dental surgery yesterday at the ripe old age of 13. He is not doing great this morning, he still has a ton of mucus from being under and he's generally pissed off and in pain. Spare a good thought for him if you have one please!
2. I'm coming into this Thursday Thoughts on a wing and a prayer today. I'm getting hammered at work and with personal commitments and to dos for the second week in a row. I am a rabbit on the run. Hell I have not even blogged about our time in Emerald Isle and I have no Shit MFD Said prepared for this month. My plan on Sunday is to go nowhere, do nothing, and talk to no one. I need to just stop.

3. Sunday night it rained like mad at the shore. I had to get up at 12:30, walk through the flooded streets, and move my car. I fell asleep after 1 and got up at 4:30. Not a good start to the week. There are curbs and roads under there somewhere.

4. Tuesday night I had an unexpected outing to the Trenton Thunder game with MFD's company and some clients who happen to be framily. I say unexpected because he told me I didn't have to go then at 4:43 pm he was like it would be weird if you didn't go. So I went and when we left I said I totally didn't need to go and he said nope. But don't worry, it was fine. Like 60 degrees and raining. tra la la la laaaaaa

5. Happy Nordstrom sale to me. Look at these fucking sweet athleisure shoes.

6. Every once in a while, something happens that makes me so insane I am nearly frothing at the mouth. It is often not a big thing, but a little that signifies the erosion of American ideals and norms. Your president's speech in front of the Boy Scouts of America is that thing. If you missed it, here's the 14 most inappropriate moments from the speech. There is no excuse. It is downright inappropriate and bizarre. The crowd interaction is reminiscent of Hitler Youth rallies, which makes sense because like Hitler this would be authoritarian figure attacks the free press, has vilified a minority group, created a list of crimes committed by immigrants, uses nationalism to stoke the flames in failing communities, and is now spreading propaganda at youth rallies. Do not look away from this. Do not normalize it. There is nothing normal about attempting to influence or corrupt young minds and hearts this way. It is the Boy Scout tradition to invite the sitting President to speak at their Jamboree. He abused his privilege as that speaker. It's shameful and embarrassing to inject adult themes and politics and harassment and insanity into a speech made to a group that was largely under the age of 18. He's a 70 year old grown ass man and president of the fucking United States of America and he should know better or he should be under the care of a physician because he is delusional and insane like all dictators. Plenty of republican and democrat presidents have made speeches to a mixed crowd without a partisan bias, many of them at this very event. This president seems incapable of that and indeed incapable of making a speech that is not me me me mine mine mine. It is disgusting and it nips at the norms of our nation to make a speech like this one to our children.

7. Every morning, donald trump wakes up with hate in his heart, logs on to twitter, and tries to make himself feel bigger by being a fucking asshole. Transgender peeps, I'm with you. And from what John McCain released as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, trump basically made that shit up because as of right now nothing is different than it was when the study started in October. So now the military needs to clean up his mess on this front and don't we all think they have better things to do? This total twitter tantrum lie diversion tactic to take eyes off the shitburger healthcare bill is why people feel like burning shit down in this country. American presidents do not announce policy on Twitter. Also, remember the top tweet? Then, the following actions that were, you know, directly opposite. And don't forget, this week Department of Justice filed an amicus brief that says Title VII does not protect sexual orientation. Fighting for LGBTQ all over the place, this administration. LYING LIARS WHO FUCKING LIE.

8. Ladies, it is important to stay well when you are trying to enact social or political change. Read this if you feel like you look like the below barely six months into this administration. The piece is written to women but applies to men too.This is one of those weeks when I could write 498 points on the state of politics and society and still not be out of words.

9. everything else, peace is something you work hard for.

10. E-card of the week. Me times one million.

If you do one thing today, call your Senator about healthcare
Do you struggle with calling? Read how to call your reps if you have social anxiety
Use ResistBot. 
Show up at their office.
This is your country. These people work for you.
They require your oversight and you need to participate. 
Look where we've gotten to by not participating. 
They act like our lords and rulers, not our employees. 
If their healthcare bill was so good, they'd subject themselves to it. 


  1. My thoughts are with Geege. Hope he gets better soon and that you get some relaxation this weekend.

    As to the Boy Scout / Mc Cain / Transgender issues, I have no words. I, and many others looking on, are horrified but whats happening in the US right now. Praying for a better tomorrow for you guys.

  2. Awwww no poor Geege! Sending lots of puppy hugs his way! Hoping things settle down for you soon, because we need some more Shit MFD Said in our lives and I can't wait for your vacation recap <3

  3. Poor baby Geege, I'm thinking of you!
    I can't even with any 'trans in the military' 'gays in the military' nonsense. Guess who would never ever sign up to have someone shoot at them and try to blow them up? This girl. So utmost respect for anyone who does, regardless of their gender or orientation.

  4. Sending Geege some hugs this morning. Dental work is the worst, and I cant imagine it being any fun for that little guy. Don't you love when you are told you need to be somewhere right before you have to be there? It is literally 40 degrees warmer here. Woof. Love those shoes from the Nsale!!! I ordered a pair of Zella Live In leggings for myself. Give me all the stretch!

  5. He is so fucking vile. I'm so embarrassed for our country. (And worried- how the hell has no one demanded a mental evaluation on this psychopath?)

    Hoping Geege feels better soon! Poor babe <3

  6. Poor Geege. I was sad to hear that he had to be put under again for teeth. That's no bueno. I had to resist the urge to comment on your FB post with the Scout rally because I didn't want to get into a pissing match, but I'm with you on that. Also, this whole administration's commitment to creating "the other" is terrifying. If people don't recognize this as reminiscent of nazi Germany, they don't understand history. The camps didn't pop up in Germany overnight. It was a slow takeover and pitting people against each other, creating distrust and slowly repealing freedoms from other groups. It wasn't in your face at all. Stay vigilant and keep talking about things.... and by all means, don't let the nonsense coming from twitter distract us all from the real issues at hand. Because that's what all of this is...

  7. Thank you for the link to contact your Senator. I'm doing mine today... SO MUCH to say to them about the healthcare issue.

  8. All the virtual hugs to lil Geege. Don't know if I ever mentioned this but I had pugs as a youth -- pics of your kiddos always make me want more.

    I'm having a really hard time gathering my thoughts on the events of this week. I'm used to arguing logical points, but I can't even argue. There is no logic in the GOP today. There is no policy, this is not government. I feel like I am taking crazy pills because I just cannot see how this makes sense to people. Let alone ENOUGH people that it's happening -- health care, trump thinking he can change policy with a fcuking tantrum tweet (when he has blocked citizens, and his tweets have been declared official WH statements -- THIS IS NOT LEGAL. SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP. SOMEONE DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB) for no good reason other than to cause suffering. How. Why. When does it stop? Where does this end? And what does America look like when we dig out from under the mess this "presidency" has caused? (By the way, I'm forever grateful for your Thursday Thoughts post comments sections because it's typically my best outlet each week. Thanks.)

  9. Love love love to Geege! The BSA needs to step up and squash this bullshit.

  10. Is it weird that Geege is my favorite of your dogs even though I've never met you or your dogs? I think it's a little weird. Anyways, hope he feels better soon!

  11. Poor Geege! Sending him some healing thoughts and hopefully he recovers quickly!

    I am so utterly disgusted by Emperor Baby Fists. He is a vile, miserable person. The Boys Scouts speech was horrifying. How is it that past presidents were able to speak to them without being a turd? Oh, because they were adults. And also former boys scouts (Obama, Bush Jr and Clinton) so they respected the institution. I am also disappointed in the Boys Scouts response but then I found out the President is the At&T CEO who needs federal approval to merge with Time Warner. Yeah, he ain't going to speak out.

    And I can't even with the transgender ban. WTF???? He just decides on a whim to ban them? Claims the cost is too high, which is not true (it's costs a third of what WE have paid for his travel in 6 months) and is just plain dumb and blatantly discriminatory.

    And yes, I do look and feel like the Crypt Keeper and it's only been six months. Here's hoping that you can find that quiet time this weekend to just chill! :D

  12. It didn't get as much attention as Trump's tweet, but in a pleading filed yesterday in a federal appellate court, the DOJ took the position that our federal laws that protect against discrimination at work do not apply to gay employees. I mean, COME ON.

    I was happy to see our Austin mayor tweeted that any transgender people no longer able to serve in the military are welcome to serve on the police force in Austin.

  13. There really isn't anything left to say about the current president...except what a fuckwad.

  14. Ginger and I are sending good vibes to your pup. She has only a few left and is due for that surgery soon too. Ugh I thought the Boy Scout speech had me outraged enough and then the transgender thing brought me to tears. He is THE WORST. I hope you get to pump your brakes. I'm doing that today and it feels great. Thank you for the reminder to call my hypocritical senator.

  15. That's such a bummer that you've been so busy, but hopefully you can have some peace and quiet soon! And poor George! It sucks having our pets get older!

  16. I'll start with the fun stuff my husband would love to see a Trenton Thunder game at their stadium. We have seen them play plenty of times in our state against the Yard Goats. I think the stadium is just a bit too far for us. Drat.
    Next healing wishes for your dog.
    Anger next not only was the speech inappropriate, the BSA told the United Church of Christ an (open an affirming church) to take down their rainbow flags and to change the name of their booth. It was too political according to BSA.

  17. Love to Geege from Jmeoww, who is recovering from her own personal struggles with explosive diarrhea this week -_-

    When you say things like, "I'm getting hammered at work" I immediately think how cool it would be to have a job in which I could get drunk...and then I keep reading...lolz.

    You know I can't can with any of this shit. Resistbot is my homie.

  18. Poor Geege. Sending healthy puppy thoughts for him!
    Flooding is the worst. Our road floods often and it's incredibly inconvenient.

  19. Just seeing this now. Healing lights and love to Geege and our yogi bear. Thank Goddess we can take care of them. Healing lights and love to drown out the bigotry and injustice. I called but am aggravated because Toomey doesn't give a rats ass. I left messages to thank those fighting for us. God and Goddess speed to deliver us from evil and for liberty and justice for all.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  20. Poor Geege!! We had our first cloudy day in 39 days and even got a little mist this morning. I was jumping for joy as we wore hoodies to the park. Haha! I would love that rainstorm right about now. I'm so thankful to live in a state that actually represents my views. I haven't had to make many calls.

  21. Hope Geege feels better soon! Poor guy! I called and thanked Murkowski and Collins (or their staffers haha) this morning and said thank you. I really hope we start to see people actually working for helpful solutions after this point!

  22. sending all my good thoughts to Geege!!! <3


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