Monday, July 31, 2017

TWTW - the last in July

This weekend was the first weekend I was home for the whole thing since April 22. Friday I kicked ass at work - four major deadlines all met with two hours left in the afternoon to play catch up.  Friday night was lounging, tomato sandwiches, and seeing MFD off to the shore. 
Saturday I ran out for some $5 flowers, painted my nails (nails OPI Black Dress Not Optional, toes Lost My Bikini in Molokini), and read. It was like the stress of the past few weeks was just hissing out of me and it was awesome. 
Saturday night was Frank's 40th birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Whenever I see my friends, and friends of friends, I find myself hoping that everyone has people they genuinely enjoy in their lives, people they can laugh with and love regardless of if you last saw them yesterday or six months or a year ago. 
Sunday was a clean up day - finish all laundry and put it away, empty the dishwasher, pick up around the house, lay out clothes for the week, finish a book and start another, and take a nap with the dogs. I woke up not as a troll. Miracle. It was a gorgeous day and the windows were open and it was so nice to just be and ramble around getting things done. I did make eggs in bacon in the oven for breakfast and got another 50 laughs out of a gift Mrs. G gave us at the party - his and hers nail clippers. 
Weekly food prep: breakfasts are scrambled eggs with cheese/mushrooms/green onion; lunches are loaded cauliflower bowls; snacks are pineapple, almonds, and cherry vanilla noosa yogurt. Dinners are a cold pasta salad with grilled chicken thighs and chicken cacciatore over rice. I also browned some ground beef for the dogs, of a higher quality than I eat myself naturally. Sunday dinner a la MFD was ribeyes, grilled veggies, and corn. And cherry pie because YOLO, damnit.

Tomorrow is August 1, and I am making the month of August pure list blogging aside from Thursday Thoughts (which is technically just a list of shit from the week), Show Us Your Books (August 8), Shit MFD Said at some point, and a sponsored post or two. I will reduce TWTW to list style too which is an iteration of this feature that I preferred back in 2012.

Since I think in lists, this excites me more than it should.

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  1. Glad you had a nice weekend to yourself and felt the stress melt away! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. You been on the go lady! I'm sure the weekend at home was much needed and sounds like you got lots done! The purple OPI nail color is so pretty and all the food you prepped looks yummy! Have a great week ahead! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  3. So much done all the way around❣️We are not coming home until tomorrow. Having a lovely visit ❣️Grateful to infinity and beyond for our wonderful lives. A splendid week to all ❣️❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  4. I love weekends spent on recharging personal batteries. I'm a list-maker too - though I think I get too excited when I get to cross something off a list. Whatever.

  5. His and Hers nail clippers? Everyone knows you so well. 😂😂😂

  6. LOL i love how you italicized "put all laundry away" because I'm like that too - I can do the laundry but to actually put it away? it's like pulling teeth because I hate it so much.

  7. Hooray for getting a weekend at home! I swear sometimes those are just as amazing as weekends out and about, especially if it's been a long time since you've been at home.

  8. Sounds like the perfect, restful weekend. Glad you were able to recuperate from all your travels because sometimes we just a weekend to ourselves to feel human again. :D

  9. A much deserved relaxing weekend. I can't believe it has been that long since you had a weekend at home!

  10. Sounds like such a relaxing (and also productive) weekend! I love reading blog posts in lists so can't wait to read all of your posts!! We have two really amazing friend groups & although we haven't known them as long as you have yours, spending time with them brings me so much joy because they knew Brian and I pre-kids etc. etc. and we have all grown together :)

  11. I like your list theme for August- that's fun :)
    Weekends spent at home getting shit done are some of the most relaxing weekends. I could use one like that soon. Ha. (As I sit here dreaming about a fall weekend getaway I want to plan...)

  12. I so get list thinking ;)
    I think we all see nail clippers & think of you two now. Your legacy in the world ;) haha

  13. List blogging sounds fun! It looks like you guys ha da good time at the birthday party. That bacon egg cup looks delicious. Love all the lazy dog pictures :)

  14. Looks like a good weekend.. sometimes a weekend at home is just what we need.
    Happy 40th to Frank.
    It truly is a blessing to have good friends.

  15. Love the list idea. Sounds like such a relaxing weekend. And that party looks like a good time!


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