Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday is the new Thursday here

Friday might be the new Thursday for me here. Thursdays are always my most packed day and the chance of being prepared for a blog post on them is not realistic at this time, and we do like to deal in realism here.

First day of fall swooped in and ended with cooler temps and no humidity and we are here for it. Today is crisper than I'd like but we get what we get and we don't get upset. I hate heat, humidity, and bugs but love swimming in the ocean and longer days so summer is up in the ranks as I age. Last year for this door, the new one is on order and should be in by Thanksgiving.

My favorite season of all of course is the fall of the patriarchy, and that is year round. Solidarity ALWAYS with women who want choice in what to do with their bodies, if and when to have a child, what to wear, what not to wear, how to act, who to be, and the ability to live freely wearing and doing whatever they want without fear at any time of the day or night. Solidarity ALWAYS with those who live outside of the heteronormative in any and all ways constantly battling the patriarchy as well. Government, the state, the world, patriarchy, men, misguided religious fanatics pushing their religion on others, & other women gatekeeping patriarchy can all fuck off and stop telling people how to move around in this world and when. Let people fucking live and get a life of your own to worry about while you're at it

Yunizon Kickstarter on Sept 27!  Please take a minute to click through to the Kickstarter preview to see what Yunizon is about and please please consider showing up for them this Tuesday, September 27 by pledging to buy a pair or three of glasses and sharing the shit out of the kickstarter when it goes live so they can amass the amount of backers they need (follow them on instagram and facebook). The fit is great, the new collections are excitin, and I'd love to see them fully funded! Support a small women-owned business, of which one of my BFFs is co-owner. Congrats Kim & Bec & best of luck! All pics below are Yunizon's from their IG stories. Herc and Veros are unlocked options if they hit a certain fundraising goal so let's do this because I want Veros! I'm going to go for Amba and Andy on the kickstarter. 
12 years married on Sunday. 20 years together this year, although the top pic is from September 2003 because I can't find any from September 2002. Then of course September 2010 and this September. This concludes the anniversary post for this year (I typically do better ones, see here but we're not doing what we've always done just because we've always done it at the moment). I'll throw a reel together LOL. MFD's aunt and fam are upstairs in our shore house this weekend and Mom and Rich are in our apartment, so we're celebrating up here and making good use of some long-held gift cards. Anyway...we still out here.

Philly bathroom reno progresses. Our house in Philly is covered with a fine layer of dust but there's a tub in, walls base of walls and floor are in, electrical re-routed, plumbing done, light over shower installed, exhaust fan installed and vented out, HVAC re-routed out of the shower. And I have a car full of shit to return and may be popping in to use your shower if you are local to me. LOL I'll be home for about a week with no access to a shower. Knock knock, Motherfuckers!

Curiosity and the cat. Billy Hicks got into the access panel (which was off) behind the tub last night and was in the ceiling. He spent quite a bit of time in there, and after coming out to eat the tuna I used to lure him, he was intent on getting back in and pried the put back into place access panel away from the wall. I heard the crash and could get up there before he got back in since I had a basket in front of it. What a dick.

Grooming Day with Doggie Do's Mobile Salon Family via family, and they are great. Convenient and less stressful for the doggos, which is less stressful for you. Lower Bucks area peeps, they are accepting new clients! Support another small, women-owned biz, save yourself from dog bath and nail day, and visit them on the web here. Ben was rolling with happiness after his turn - he was first to set an example for Bruce, the Gretchen Wiener of the group.

Have a great weekend! Sticker from an artist via South Street Art Mart

Happy birthday to Jenny today and Amanda Sunday!

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