Thursday, September 8, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - Desert loving in your eyes all the way if I listen to your lies, would you say

Women don't get raped because of what they're wearing and they don't get killed because of where they are at what time. The only thing I hate about the narrative that is happening around this is "in today's world" - BAAABYY - in THE world, since the dawn of time, at the hands of men with the unspoken permission of women who are foot soldiers to the patriarchy and other men who say and do nothing, perpetuated by systems that cater to and favor men. In TODAY'S world add in a country that glorifies violence, has for profit prisons with no intent to rehabilitate, is smothered in toxic masculinity, and is under minority rule that makes women's bodies public - for public consumption and rule. There are a lot of people to blame for why this shit happens, none of which are the woman it happens to, so fuck off out of here with any of that. All of this shit is tied together. Violence is continually perpetuated against women because arguing for fucking decades over who decides what she can do with her body signals to rapists and murderers that they can do what they please to her body because she already does not get to decide in other ways. It is only now, in 2022, that federal laws have made it harder for convicted domestic abusers to acquire guns despite the fact that when an abusive partner has access to a gun, a domestic violence victim is five times more likely to be killed. All the girl power shit in the world DOES NOT MATTER if you exist quietly among misogynists and patriarchal fucks and vote for people who are against bodily autonomy. Both things make women less safe. If that makes you upset or uncomfortable, sit with that for a while.

Bathroom reno is on Picked a contractor, thought we'd be in in October. He had a job pushed back and can do it starting Monday. Whaaaat. So my phone is full of lists and screenshots as we're buying the light fixture, vanity, cabinet, and any wall shelving. I am a master of maximizing space in small rooms so let us begin.

Googles on fire for things like checking out Covington Hill Country for an event around a conference, who is coming to Parx Casino for entertainment, commercial hood cleaning (click here) and also shiny but different engines (learn more) for articles I'm writing, best multigrain bread (do you have a favorite), bathroom vanity, using wall space in small bathrooms, can handymen put up drywall, bagels near me

Existing happily between summer and fall why do we need to pick, we can exist in both. Beach days are beach days until they're not. I am physically pained when I see people visibly sweating in cooler weather clothes when it is still hot
Train masks. I will probably wear masks on trains for a long time, perhaps forever? Have you ridden SEPTA regional rail? The gross shit I have experienced over the years...

Office day today. Obvi. The emptiness of the Central Business District is sad.

Excellent windows open sleeping weather this week. Mae agrees

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Karma Chameleon by Boy George

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