Friday, September 9, 2022

Things I love doing that are free

A quick list for Friday of things I love doing that are free, with the overall acknowledgement that living in home and having pets and things and existence in general is intrinsically not free but we're going with it.

Taking in public art and murals

Sleeping with the windows open

Watching the world from the window as a passenger in a car or train

Sitting on a bench people watching

Reading library books

Listening to the radio

Exploring on foot

Swimming in the ocean

Sky gazing at all times of day

Walking dogs

Waking up every day

Looking at paint colors

Picking up extraneous information when deep diving on the traveling along the Don't Worry Darling made me love celebrity drama again path lands me on crossbow packages, or a click here on an exploration of a Glacier National Park/WA trip leads me to something about portable bridges which I continue reading about because honestly how cool, or a click here on multigrain breads leads me to senior services and this is aging I guess and around and around we go

Taking photos I'll never share or use

Writing things no one else will ever see

Wearing lipstick

Staying hydrated

Creating relatively detailed itineraries for trips I might never take

Happy Friday!

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