Friday, September 23, 2022

Common Mistakes never to make with your pet cat

Common Mistakes Never to Make with Your Pet Cat
Cats are fascinating and absolutely adorable animals and make the perfect pet, especially
when you are looking for an animal that likes its independence and is as playful as it is lazy
in equal measure.

Whether you are already the proud owner of a beautiful kitty or are looking to adopt one in
the near future, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to learn about some
common mistakes that you should never make with your pet cat.

Never Only Feed Your Cat Dry Food
Unlike dogs and rabbits, cats are often reluctant to take large gulps of water, even if you
have fresh bowls dotted around your home and encourage them to drink during hot weather.

Because of this, it is important to always feed your cat a combination of both wet and dry
food, as a great deal of their necessary hydration comes from their wet food.

Never Miss Your Cat’s Annual Vaccinations
Even cats that, perhaps due to hearing issues or bad experiences when they were a kitten,
either do not want to go outside or are unable to go outdoors still need to be taken to the vet
for their annual vaccinations.

If you do not have a house cat, and instead your cat loves to explore on solo adventures
regularly, it is even more important to register with a reputable vet, such as,
and always keep on top of your pet’s vaccinations.

Never Leave Your Cat’s Food Out All Day
Some cats often like to graze on their food throughout the day and are not interested in
overfeeding. However, the vast majority of domesticated cats are prone to eating exactly
what you give them and are unable to regulate their intake.

Leaving large amounts of food out throughout the day is by far the most common cause of
obesity in cats, which can then lead to serious health concerns, especially in older cats.
Instead, either choose exact mealtimes whereby you can place their bowl on the floor or else
invest in an automatic and timed food dispenser.

Never Leave Your Cat for More Than a Day
As cats are independent creatures, the temptation for cat owners can be to feel confident
that their cat can ‘look after itself’ for a couple of days or more.

This is a huge mistake, and this false impression that cats take care of their own interests
and can entirely look after themselves is often to the detriment of the species. When going
away for more than a day, it is absolutely essential, therefore, that you should arrange for a
loved one or neighbor to check in on your cat every day and ideally every evening that you
are away from home.

Alternatively, there are plenty of reputable and renowned cat kennels where your cat can be
entertained and cared for while you are away, which will ensure your own peace of mind as
well as the health of your cat.

This post was written with the Life According to Steph readers in mind. Timely as Billy Hicks was in the ceiling last night - add do not leave access panels open to this list

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