Saturday, September 10, 2022

Blogging now and then

Blogging now feels a little like blogging then, as I'm just sitting down and basically make a list or jotting down thoughts for my own enjoyment. When I started blogging in August 2011, I had no idea there was even a blogging world out there, or that people I didn't know would read any of it. 

The internet world changes by the millisecond. We're still out here here and there, but I think most of us share on Instagram. It's easier and not as form-like, yeah?

I'm on the computer on a Saturday doing bathroom reno research (learn more about heatline systems, we're having to do some of this type of work) and purchasing, movers for a client in VA, looking at yet even more paint colors (Sherwin Williams only, always), and for hospitality logistics. 

I'm also cleaning my office up because I'll be stowing most of the bathroom reno shit in here until they need it since it's the room next door. I'll relocate to the shore or dining room table if I'm here while this work is happening.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I'll be outside enjoying soon. 

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