Friday, September 16, 2022

Where did the week go

I’m sitting on the beach at close to six on Friday, MFD swinging in the hammock next to me listening to the Gordon Lightfoot station on Pandora which is unsurprisingly mostly music I like. The sun is already low over my right shoulder and moving fast toward the horizon. Sort of like the week. The week was full, and not in a bad way for me personally, but in a way that out the standard snippets of the weekend (still did the reel o instagram) and Thursday Thoughts  post out to pasture. When things press from all sides, this is the first thing to go.  

Full in a bad way week for migrants shipped across the country on taxpayer millions as a cruel GOP stunt, all the future pregnant people Lindsey Graham and his proposed federal abortion  ban have in their sites, Black mermaids, pretty definitely the environment, rail workers with no sick policy or life that does not revolve around work, and a host of other people on this Fucked Timeline.

But back to the frivolous.

Monday I was at the shore working and cleaning and sweating in the hideous humidity, and I hauled it back to Philly after work and an outdoor shower. I ran some errands for the looming project of the week. 

I think when we last spoke we had found a contractor for the bathroom reno and were looking forward to getting it done in October. Then they had another job postpone and last week told me they could start this week. So I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and placing orders for the items I was getting, pondering paint, cleaning out the bathroom, moving my office stuff down as that room is right next to the bathroom. By Tuesday night it was all demo’d and outside on the lawn. 

Bruce was woo woo barking all demo day and on my last nerve. Billy hid in the bedroom and I had to liberate him so he could access the litter box, earning me a scratch. Him and Mae had vet appointments later so that was strike two. I was working at two non-set up work areas and that was also on my nerves. It was a ridiculous day. I was happy to end it with a massage at Blossom in Langhorne. Have you been? If not, highly recommend for wellness. I also popped into my gateway Marshalls before showering at Stephen & Aubrey’s. That no shower thing and all. 
After that doozy of a day I fell asleep on the couch and never moved until Wednesday morning. The next day MFD took the animals to the shore and I had blissful silence for my meetings. 
And put all my donations out for pickup and pulled them all back in when the truck ran out of room. Insert melting smiley face. 

Clearly in my yellow period.

Thursday was an office day and I was on the run for all of it. Love you, Philly.
I drove to the shore after that, right into a delightful catch-up with Mr & Mrs G - dinner at Cousins with them and MFD. Mrs G left a new ride and awesome goodies for us. So thoughtful. I was sad to not be around more this week. Meetings eyeroll etc 

I need this weekend so I’m glad it's here. 

Peace in the east. 

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