Monday, April 11, 2022

TWTW - Cold April

Friday I worked from Philly in the morning and headed to the shore in the afternoon. I was supposed to arrive Thursday night but the weather was armpits for driving. Dead stop traffic twice on the way down had me questioning my decision to drink a bunch of water - which I typically do after a certain point in the trip. I painted my nails in the afternoon - cannot recommend the Mooncat holographic polishes enough. They are insanely cool. 
I quick ran to hang the shower curtain and make sure the house was fam/friends acceptable before finishing work and took Bruce and Ben for a beach walk as Melissa and her crew were arriving and unloading. I ate with them and hung out until 11, finally falling out at 12:30. Lots of laughs with one of your oldest friends and her people to end the week, you can't beat it. They brought gifts too, and Billy enjoyed that bag. 

Saturday Up at 6:30 to get the dogs walked and fed and get my ass out of the house. I went to see Dad & Carol's new home and town in Lewes, DE, via the ferry. I loved the views at Cape Henlopen State Park. Their house is great too, all set up already and really open. I love it. 
They took me around town, which was so cute and very picturesque. I wanted to buy all the antiques. We went out to lunch and for ice cream, to a few local shops and the library, and the tulip celebration was on. I liked it there, can't wait to go back! And I found new beach witch art and got a print. They are picking up another for me this week!
So great to be able to pop over on the ferry for a few hours. The ferry ride back sunset was the stuff of dreams. Melissa's kid crew took care of the dogs while I was gone which was a huge help. When I got back I was dead tired and did my night face routine and got right into bed. 

Sunday was windy and cold and gray. WHYYYYYYYYYYY I ended up working most of the day as I am planning to flex that time later this week. I also finished a book, then headed upstairs to eat and hang out until almost 11. On a school night! Who am I.

Happy Monday! Show Us Your Books is tomorrow. Can it also stop being so cold and windy. I'm over it.

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