Friday, April 29, 2022

Dog stuff for people who want a dog but can't get one

Happy Friday everyone! Look at t he best friend dogs this morning, not working, sunning themselves while I toil away to earn money to keep them in the style in which they are accustomed. 

I was talking with a friend recently who really wants a dog but can't have one due to her rental agreement. That was us at one time, and then we moved to a place where we could get a dog (thanks Maria!) and got Gus. Then Geege. Then we owned our own home and could have as many as we wanted, which was at one time four and while I do not necessarily recommend that number, I do remember what it was like to really want a dog and not be able to get one. 

You might also be in that position - maybe you can't due to lease constraints, or you don't have the space, time, energy, money, physical ability, or mental capacity to care for a dog all the time. If any of those things apply by all means please DO NOT GET A DOG. It rarely works out well when people insist on getting a dog they can't look after. 

Even if having a dog isn't in the cards for you right now, it doesn't mean your life has to be dog-less. There are still plenty of ways you can have dogs in your life without actually owning a dog. 

Be a dog walker or a dog sitter
When you can't have a dog of your own, consider borrowing someone else's. If you have friends and relatives who have dogs,  they're grateful for someone to help look after them. You can volunteer to walk their dogs when they don't have time or to look after them when they're away. You might also have neighbors who could use the help. 

I'm looking for an in-home pet sitter for a week in June. I frequently need someone who can pop over and let the dogs out. People like me need people like you, and I prefer to use people I know or who know people I know. And in addition to getting to be around dogs, you get paid to do these things. Of course, you should have some experience with dogs before you start offering your services. But dogsitting is a great way to earn a little extra income while living your life and working your job if you have one.

Work with a shelter or rescue
Getting involved with a dog rescue or shelter is a great way to keep dogs in your life, and there are a lot of ways to do it. If you just want to do a small part to help a rescue, you could donate to or buy from an organization like Redemption Paws. It's a good option for showing your support and your love of dogs by wearing something that tells everyone how much you like them. You could also look for opportunities to volunteer with a rescue or shelter. If you're able to have a dog at home but not on a permanent basis, you could even consider fostering. There's so much need for donations of money and time. 

Dog Show! 
Mr. David Larry and Miss Colleen and Mr. Rocky Balboa and Mr. Bojangles (who knows this skit?) One of the most hilarious of all time
If you just want to be around dogs, you can find events that are centered around the four-legged, furry creatures. This could include competitions such as agility shows, as well as events that are just about dogs and their owners having fun. Sometimes these events might be held at dog-friendly places such as dog parks or beaches. Ocean City had a Doo Dah parade a few weekends ago, which is full of dachshunds. They also do a Howl-o-ween parade here. Look for events held in your local area to find fun things to attend that are usually free too, and full of so many people that showing up without a dog is a fine flex. 

It doesn't matter if you can't own a dog. There are still ways to keep dogs in your life.


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