Monday, April 25, 2022

TWTW - April days

Friday I had a big deadline in the afternoon, so I was up working at the asscrack and finaling things out around 1. After that I ran a few errands to pick something up at Home Depot, peruse TJ Maxx (got the new mat below), and pick up at Target. I got a package from Pam with stickers, bookmarks, & sea glass, which was awesome. After work we sat out back with the dogs and cat and had leftovers for dinner. I was done done done like Bruce here and shut my book to watch What We Do in the Shadows on Hulu. It was funny. I fell asleep on the couch and never went up to bed after I let the dogs out. I crashed on one of the basement couches. 
Saturday Since I was in the basement with the dogs, MFD woke up Saturday thinking it was Night of the Comet. I had leisurely coffee, cleaned out the fridge, and made lists for shore errands. Stores aren't super close down there, so this year my goal was to get everything done in groups every time I was in Philly since things are closer and gas is a million dollars. I hit HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Homesense, two of which will require returns when I'm up there next week. I stopped at Aldi on the way home, did some shore house paperwork, packed up for shore return, and went back out to Marshalls to return something while MFD made salmon and salad for dinner. I made a batch of spinach muffins and power breakfast muffins to freeze. I was up until 1 am doing I don't even know what. 
Sunday Coffee out back with the crew to start the day. I was at the shore with the dogs by 11:30, cleared out apartment cabinets and reorganized, did a first coat of patch and spackle on the bathroom ceiling in the powder room upstairs and our bathroom ceiling in the apartment downstairs, tried to figure out my drawer pull situation to swap out on some dressers, measured for blinds, and had some delicious rye toast with a ton of butter sitting outside in the driveway in the sun. 
Beach to ourselves season is officially over, and there's an aggressive rent a cop on a quad on the beach zooming back and forth loudly and aggressively between two blocks eagle eyeing everyone, and by everyone I mean me and my two dogs, two people and their photographer on an engagement shoot, and three kids sitting on the pipe. Come on dude. I had a Wawa salad for dinner and finished a book, bed around midnight.

Barreling towards May. Time is a thief.  Except I have lots of stuff coming up with chosen family and I'm pumped!

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