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Fun meals you can make with the whole family

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Fun Meals You Can Make With the Whole Family


Cooking dinner can be an event for the whole family. It can be a time in the day when everyone is together and bonding and making memories. Cooking is an amazing skill to pass on to your children so they can have full control over their nutrition and the nutrition of generations to come. Here are some fun meals you can make with the entire family to create good food and good times. 

Crockpot Meals

Crockpot meals are a great start when it comes to showing your children how to eat well and how to cook. Crockpot meals are all about the preparation. This is where you can demonstrate how to properly cut vegetables, how to properly use a knife, how to prepare meat, and how to make broths. 

Easy and fun recipes like crockpot chicken fajitas are great to make because not only is there a lot of prep, but when the meal is done cooking, they are fun to assemble and a great way to try out different flavors and food combinations. 

Breakfast Meals 

Breakfast is another great opportunity to show your child the importance of nutrition. With breakfast, you can start their day off right with meals that are always fun to make. Teaching your kids how to make pancakes and flip them, or how to make fluffy waffles in a waffle iron are all fun activities. These are also meals kids love right next to French toast. 

You can teach your child to flip eggs, all the different ways to make eggs, and how to use the toaster and make breakfast salads with fruits. Building your own yogurt bowl is fun and healthy. Children will have a lot of fun with these recipes and they will learn how to start their day off healthy. 

Sandwich Making

Making sandwiches with your kids is another way to learn about flavor and expanding your palate. There are vegetarian options, vegan options, and options for the meat lovers. You can introduce your family to pastrami, roast beef, cheeses, and sauces. What makes it so much fun for kids is that they get to be artists and build their perfect sandwich. 

You can lay out the ingredients before them and they can get to work making what they like. You can lay out a variety of different breads as well so that your child can find out what they like and what they don’t like. All the while you will all be having family fun. 


Nothing is more fun than making pizzas. Your child can learn how to make the dough and roll it out. You can even show them how to flip it up in the air like they do at pizza parlors. From there, kids get to spread the sauce and pick all of their favorite toppings. They can get a quick lesson on how to use the over safely, and use a timer to know when their masterpiece is complete. When they are done making the pizza, it’s also really fun to eat it.

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