Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On Wednesdays we talk weather, weed, and waiting on full spring

Checking in. It's Wednesday. Weather chat like old people do. It's seasonal spring and it's calendar spring, and it is probably climate change spring in the northeast. The wind has been absolutely inhospitable, a burning assault one needs to lean into and push through. The morning chill remains through most of the days. It's always colder at the shore in the spring by a mile, but this is absurd right now. Upstate in PA Lori is under a lot of snow and without power going on day two, and can we just say screw an April winter? Really. Screw it. Go away, Third Winter.

I want chapped lips and dry skin to miraculously disappear. 

I want to spend lunch hours outside feeling sun on bare arms, mainlining the vitamin D right through the skin, be out on my last dog walk of the night moving through air that is so perfect it feels like a whisper of silk, exist with windows open day and night, and drink morning coffee and watch the day fade away both comfortably from the front porch. Comfortably is the key word. I don't mind a light blanket but I'm not doing it shivering in a coat. 

I want to put the socks, winter coats, and electric blankets away.  

At least the food is good in this period of fool's spring - I made beef tips with gravy and served it over rice with a side of asparagus. It was delicious and easy. I'm cooking through the freezer and pantry and I had all the items. Also on the menu this week are long pants, two layers up top, socks, heavy duty lotion and big guns lip balm.

I'm not even a person that tends to be cold, I swear.

Is it too much to ask that spring arrive and stay for a while instead of shooting us right into heat and humidity? Probably.

You know what is here on time? The tree pollen, which kills my eyes in the spring.

I'm existing on Netgalley advanced reader copies, Fleetwood Mac, coffee, cardigan sweaters, and dreams of perfect weather this week. 

Happy belated birthday to Gail! It was yesterday.

And Happy 4/20 - decriminalize weed, expunge records, legalize it, and give the licenses to Black people as a form of reparations. Alcohol and opioids, both legal, have destroyed more lives, futures, families, and communities than marijuana by a mile. And that's that on that.


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