Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Three Things April 2022

Three things that make a lot of sense to me
1. Always having water and a book with me wherever I go
2. Reusable everything over convenience trash
3. Batch cooking

Three things that do not make sense to me
1. Eating meals off of paper plates in your home as the rule, not the exception
2. Being out here on Al Gore's internet and saying you are sick of hearing people's opinions about current events and issues, as if the internet is a place where only opinions on things you give opinions on are allowed
3. Why humans chose taxes and credit scores and 40 hour work weeks out of any damn path. We work more than medieval peasants. What the fuck are we doing out here, fam? Add onto this defending Elon Musk, as if he needs defending or as if you will ever be the same richness and need the same defending. This is not the way and he is not the one.

Three things I’d like to explore 
1. A long road trip, dogs in tow, in which I work remotely along the way
2. DIY YouTube
3. If I can/want to make it through a season using only five nail polishes out of the zillions I own

Three things I have no interest in 
1. Royal family squabbles
2. Side hustles
3. Self help/motivational books

Three things I have more than enough of but always want to buy
1. Hand towels
2. Pretty ceramics and unique dishes/glasses
3. Sunglasses

Three things I am always in search of
1. The perfect lip balm that has color that stays more than three minutes and is hydrating
2. Brown spot corrector that actually works
3. The perfect pillow

Things I've recently checked off of my To Do list
1. Deep clean using cool grout scrubber I got for Christmas 
2. Small spackle spots at the shore
3. Dentist appointment

Things I have had on my To Do list forever
1. Blog posts that contain actual writing. Almost everyone I talk to is not feeling bad, but definitely not feeling like themselves in this world right now, which we communicate to each other in an almost bewildered manner? If that's you, you probably understand why the blog posts sit there, unfinished. Managing existence continues to be more challenging and tiring than it was pre-Covid, and I'm pretty sure as we "return to normal" most of us have no fucking idea what normal should look like for us in daily practice anymore
2. Renew passport
3. Find someone to replace Philly doors

Three things I'm loving right now
1. Sleep
2. The look of everything in bloom - not the feel of it in my head/nose, but the look is on point
3. Back to 1-3 days a month in the office

Three things I'm hating right now
1. Passwords. MF'ing passwords
2. Contractors that won’t get back to me. Are you still in business, MFer?
3. Running for the train



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