Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - are you really gonna talk about timing in times like these?

Big sea glass score. I was a troll under the bridge, literally, collecting this.
Good views while doing it. 
Sometimes I like graffiti. 
Excuse me sir, is this in reference to the 2016 election? If so hard agree but also why the z. Sitting members of Congress who supported an insurrection had better be dealt with.
If we were raising hands, mine would be up. 

Combining errands. I've long done this - with Earth Day approaching Friday it's a good time to re-share this post. Anyhoo combining errands saves time and everything is done at once, but it is tiring. Last night I drug my ass to return some Amazon shit I've been sitting on, to pick up a new mirror for the shore from Marshalls (got it, but not in love with it, so it's a placeholder for right now, and looking back at a photo I think I should have gotten the below instead so will obvi be going back), then to pick up an order at Target. 
Ruminating on this. It’s an excerpt from an interview Maya Angelou gave to The Paris Review in 1990. 

Solo with Billy cat. MFD took the dogs to Philly Monday and I went back yesterday. This cat pulled all the treats and food out of a freaking armoire. 
Two weeks of laundry.  More than two? Possible. The hot water heater in Philly was replaced yesterday, now just two weeks of laundry to do tonight since I'm headed back to the shore tomorrow and I am in the office today. At least it’s not raining like it has two out of the last three times I’ve been here.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Renegade - Big Red Machine featuring Taylor Swift

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