Monday, May 2, 2022

TWTW - friends make a life

Friday I know it's getting close to summer when I arrive back at the shore and the awnings are up. Friday I worked, picked up a bit in the house, ran some errands on Asbury, batch made wings in the air fryer, made onion dip, and browned meat for tacos. MFD arrived around 7 and Frank and Amanda around 8:30. We were up talking until close to midnight.
Saturday Amanda and I hit the historic district yard sales. I scored an awesome vintage candle jawn and recipe collection book - I have a few of these now, one that was my Gamma's from my great aunt's church and one I got in an antique store in VT and now this ladies club of OC one - plus a solid wood little table and a vintage lawn chair MFD loves. 
We joined MFD and Fronk in the driveway, then MFD went fishing and we hit the beach. Fishing sucked and the beach was cold so we moved up to the dunes for a while longer. Back at home we returned the the driveway sun, then had a late lunch. We ordered pizza and mozz sticks and I threw together a caesar salad for dinner after MFD got back from his showing. I made brownies and we did brownie sundaes and then were slumped on the couch like ogres. 
Sunday I made iced tea and iced coffee in the morning, then when Frank & Amanda got up threw Mimi's bacon breakfast muffins in the oven. MFD did some work and we strolled Asbury and hit a few stores, then came up the boardwalk and did the same. MFD met us up there. More chatting and talking back at the house, and Frank and Amanda left around 5. I lay down and read for the rest of the night, I was exhausted in a good way.

As I said in my Instagram post, friendship jackpot. So great to just hang out all weekend with no agenda and talk about nothing and everything and be together. 

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