Monday, May 3, 2021

TWTW - the one with Mom

Friday MFD did a big clean in the morning as there was sawdust everywhere after the doors got installed. Like, everywhere. And it keeps coming back. Mom and Rich arrived in the afternoon and then went out to do shore things while I finished work. Michelle and Amelia stopped by, and we hung upstairs with Mom & Rich when they got back. 

Saturday Mom and Rich did donuts and beach and boards walk while we got some stuff done around the house. I got a bunch of stuff listed on the local Buy Nothing group and all except one thing was picked up. I love seeing things go to use for others that still have life in them and I don't have the patience to sell most things. I also dropped a book off at the library and lots of cardboard to the recycling center. Mom and I hit Asbury to support some small businesses - I got a new frock at a new boutique occupying the same real estate as my old favorite Blue Lotus that is no longer there. I also got beach tags for the season and we had lunch out! At Hooked on Breakfast. It was good. We relaxed on the porch as MFD was on his Bass Pro Shops odyssey and Rich was on a bike ride. 
When Rich got back we went to the beach and it was lovely down there. As we were sitting there I was like is that Michelle? Her and Amelia were standing right in front of us. I texted her and we were LOLing all night. Mom got chips and shrimp from Ike's for dinner and we hung out for a while before her and Rich hit the boards and I lay down to finish my book. 

Sunday Running on about 4.5 hours of sleep due to Gus moving around a lot and a trail of turds, I took my mom up to Corson's Inlet to go shelling. Not a great selection of shells, but a wonderful dramatic performance by the sky. 
We came back and slugged around. MFD and I did some hanging and moving wall stuff around and reorganizing storage on the third floor which devolved into me screaming about the patriarchy. He went to get a haircut and look at furniture and I met Mom and Rich at the beach. It was hot AF and then cold AF when the wind changed. Regardless of weather it was so awesome to see the return of beach season, people gathering together, and a feeling that was much much lighter than any May 2020 feelings. Get vaccinated! Let's go!

We came back to the house and Mom and Rich left for home. I read and rested and had ice cream for lunch in the afternoon. Mark and Sarah and Harry arrived around 8. We tried the Wawa burgers and fries at 9 pm. The burgers are surprisingly good. 

So happy to see some sort of livable world again - science is amazing. Thanks to everyone doing something wonderful for the world and caring about the health of others by getting vaccinated.

I also met my new shore neighbors and am relieved that they are nice and laid back people. Good neighbors are always important, but when you're running a seasonal rental, it's extra for those few months. 

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