Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - And there's winners and there's losers but they ain't no big deal

Drinking coffee with both John Benders 

Voting in the primary Tuesday. I have not missed voting in a primary or general election since I turned 18 in 1995. I've voted twice a year, every year, and I wish everyone would. Primary turnout is often poor. ANYWAY I 100% support and believe in mail in voting and any way of voting that makes voting more accessible to every American, but I personally I love voting in person. I'm thrilled Krasner won for DA. I wish people understood that the DA can only do so much to control crime. Investment in communities, opportunities, mental health services, education, healthcare, and the eradication of hunger and poverty are how you truly lower crime rates on the front end. Cut that school to prison pipeline, smash the prison industrial complex, and de-carcerate this place. I saw someone comment on FB yesterday saying they hope everyone who voted for Krasner is the victim of a crime. How big of an asshole are people? How small of a person do you have to be to wish that on people? The sky's the limit, apparently.

Taking sleeping photos as I always do. Mae's face LOL

Picking up orders curbside everywhere. 

Returning Amazon shit to Kohl's and super happy to see everyone I saw inside still wearing masks even though it is optional for vaccinated people. 

Loving the painted doors at the shore, can't believe I considered not painting them this year

Painting so much shit in general. We didn't do any painting at the shore last year and one year of no maintenance shows. Of course there is a shortage of sample paint at Sherwin Williams due to materials so I have to buy actual quarts instead of samples like I usually do for touch up paint. Shocker, the quarts are difficult to find right now too. Sherwin Williams staff and I are BFFs, I have been there five times in seven days. 

Painting nails, too

Cleaning shore floors and bathroom walls with water, bleach, and tide, bitches. 

Jamming on house prep at the shore. All hands on deck, including dogs, as we prepare for first guests Memorial Day weekend. We have one more opportunity after that to address anything other than that we are essentially out of the main house until September  aside from four hours of turnover time every Saturday.

Pulling over to take photos

Wishing Laura's son MBD a very happy birthday today!

Watching  Mare of Easttown, we have finished three episodes. MFD continually comments on the accent AS IF I AM NOT ALSO FROM HERE.

Taking Bruce & Ben to Dog Beach

Counting down to girls weekend this weekend with my BFFs of 30 years, all fully vaccinated and coming at ya. Out of everything that was cancelled last year, this was the most bitter pill to swallow since there's only once a year most years that we are all together with just us and no husbands, kids, other agendas, etc. 

Reading The Serial Killer's Wife from Netgalley. Although I've barely read at all this week. 

What's new with you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Little Pink Houses by John Mellencamp

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