Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - people need some reason to believe, I don't know about anyone but me

1. Wake us for the motherfuckin' weekend. Woof.

2. I am loving our new room in Philly. I got a new ottoman,  finally hung the new art I bought last year from a local Black woman Philly moon piece next to late light. It is calm and lovely and I love that my Mom Mom's chair is in there too. And of course the walls are painted and the floors redone.  I'm not finished with the walls but I am finished with the furniture. These rooms are small so it's packed. People did not have king beds when these houses were built and they certainly did not have the amount of clothes or shoes we have now. I added a raised bed frame for additional storage underneath and that is a game changer. We did it with the shore house beds too.

3. Out back at the Philly house is looking good too, with the final tables coming today. In other outdoor news, we are locked in an epic battle over shed space organization and utilization. I have no doubt I will emerge victorious, but until then mostly happy this week to see the old man dog enjoying himself. Ben has claimed the new ottoman like King Tut.

4. I'm not happy about the blistering sun due to the tornado taking out most of our tree and the tree behind it in our neighbor's yard that also provided shade. MFD has some sail contraption coming. I just wanted a simple umbrella. On the left is last April, right is this week. 

5. Side shoot of pandemic life: drinking less coffee. I have two mugs now and it's like better stop...but that's not even equivalent to one tall DD iced which I got every day of my work life. 

6. Someone better fill Roger commenting over on good ol' Penn Live in on how government has told more than half the population what they can and can't do with their bodies (and I have a sneaking suspicion Roger himself has probably weighed in on that and also voted based on that), and how a private company not allowing you entry if you are not vaccinated is not the same thing in the fucking slightest.

7. Related:

8. For your perusal: anyone experiencing white fatigue please take a few minutes to watch this under 3.5 minute video by Robe Imbriano - it is white fatigue that kills forward motion. Thanks to my friend Lisa for sharing on FB. Please donate and/or share the Gofundme link to get Harriett's a permanent home - over $100k has been donated in less than a week. We can get to $300k. 

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Have a good one!

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Running on Empty by Jackson Browne 

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