Monday, May 10, 2021

TWTW - may things

Friday Bruce was not into wakeup on Friday. I meant to work here for half a day and drive to the shore at lunch and finish out there but I was on a deadline and ended up here until 6:45. MFD put his sail shade covering up out back. When I got to the shore I ate and hung out with Melissa on the porch until about 10 then off to sleep the sleep of the dead. 

Saturday I was up walking dogs by 6, off to creep on supermarket flowers,  and start a new book. I took Bruce and Ben for a long time at Dog Beach, we hadn't been there for months and I want to reacclimate them since that's the beach we'll be hitting the next few months. I got keys made at the hardware store and picked up some paint chips (it'll be the third one down, that is the deepest color of the hyacinths I love at the shore). 

Saturday was a good food and friend day - lunch from Boyar's and Melissa made wings and mac & cheese. We hung out with her and Jim and the kids and just chilled. It was fun. The dogs were tired AF from playing with the kids which we love. 

Sunday Slept in until 9 and it was a fucking miracle and much needed. I packed up and ran a few small errands before saying goodbye to Melissa, Jim, and the kids and heading home through rain and traffic. We had dinner at Mom's to celebrate Rich's birthday. Happy birthday Rich (67+1)! I stopped by my oldest friend Jen's to pick up fundraiser flowers on the way home and chatted for a few. When I got home I lay on the couch like a slug and read. MFD got home around 11:30 and I couldn't fall asleep until nearly 1. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow! See you here for that. 

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