Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - You pick the place and I'll choose the time

1. First guests check in tomorrow at the shore, the house needs to be cleaned with touch up paint done in several rooms, and last night we lay on the couch watching episodes four, five, and six of Mare of Easttown. What a show. What a character! And she's got her OCNJ sweatshirt on.

2. Of course this meant this morning we were up cleaning by 6:30 and I got a solid two hours in before starting work. After a half hour of cleaning up an epic Gus shit. We at least have a head start on house cleaning since Mark, Sarah, and Harry were down for a few days and they gave it a nice clean before they left yesterday morning. Still, who wants to deep clean a fucking fridge at 6:30 am? Not me. Our cleaning crew couldn't make it before Memorial Day. We clean very few times in advance or post-renter. This is one of those times. FYI I like the Dawn power wash only for bigger jobs, not regular dishwashing shit. 

3. Tuesday night Mark & Sarah made shrimp tacos and we took a super Flower Moon stroll.
4. This was a good porch sitting week. Not a good errand week. I went to the laundromat Tuesday and forgot towels so I put laundry in, went to ACME to exchange water jugs and pick up a few things, picked up CBD for Gus, dropped stuff off and then back to throw towels in. Between that and driving to 8038 stores between Absecon and Egg Harbor yesterday looking for a fucking simple storage bin I ended up getting same day delivered to my brother to bring down with him, it’s been feeling a little like Henry Hill on the day he went down. The only things missing are the drugs and the helicopters. 

5. The dogs were all in Philly with MFD for five nights. I put food on the couch for the first time in years. It was nice to have them back though. Gus is here too, just not pictured.
6. T-shirts this week. Fight racism from Mahogany Mommies, Weird shirt is old. 

7. As we hit the unofficial kickoff to summer weekend...

8. I cannot describe my rage over categorically awful PA abortion bills advanced by the GOP-led House. The way the bills are written, women who miscarry would be fined, forced to file a death certificate, and pay to deal with remains. How to make something extrememly traumatic even more so. Stop voting for people who legislate bodily autonomy. Full stop on that. Can people we pay to work on government fucking stop with abortion already and the same goddamn shit over and fucking over and actually do things to improve circumstances in individual lives and communities? Roe is 48 years old and conservatives have been trying to overturn it for the entirety of those 48 fucking years and making very little fucking progress on literally everything else. Have you fucks ever heard of infrastructure? Jobs? Climate change? Equal rights? Criminal justice reform? Voting rights? Closing the wealth gap? Public education? TAKING CARE OF THE CHILDREN ALREADY FUCKING ALIVE IN THIS COUNTRY? Fuck off out of here with your draconian Gilead goddamn bullshit.

9.'s actually for fuck's sake, but the sentiment can ride.

10. E-cards 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Fearless by Pink Floyd

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