Monday, May 17, 2021

TWTW - the one with the fam

Thursday We're starting Thursday because I do what I want. It was another hellfire work day. Painted my nails (Essie payback's a witch), got a pedicure (OPI red), and my dad and Carol arrived with my recovering from surgery brother and picked up Boyar's for lunch so I had an excellent turkey club. Dad also did some trim painting up in the house. We ordered Mario's pizza and wings for dinner and Aubrey and the kids arrived just before 6. After dinner we took a nice walk on the beach and they got sea glass and we saw all kinds of marine life. 

Friday was beautiful and we spent a few hours on the beach enjoying it. We spent the afternoon at home where baby Stephen fell asleep in the dog bed. I made deconstructed chicken parm, pasta, and salad. Stephen III stayed home with his mom and dad and Dad, Carol, Lola, and I went to the boardwalk. It was freaking freezing by the time we were on our way home, requiring sweatshirt purchase for Lola. 
Saturday I slept in and woke up to donuts from Drip N Scoop and another beauty of a day. I did some clean up in the apartment, MFD fixed the outdoor shower leak, and There was a playground trip no one was super into, followed by a restful beach afternoon. We had apps for dinner and tried fried pickles from Boyar's which got a thumbs up from everyone. We did the boardwalk with Stephen III and Aubrey this time and met one of the bird handlers on the way home. 
Sunday A little overcast but we did a walk on the beach while my Dad cleaned up. And yes, you have seen glimpses but my brother does have a full and glorious mullet. 
They took off a little after 12 and MFD started outdoor cleanup which was still going close to 9 pm while I went to Sherwin Williams 4203984 times and painted the porch door inside (SW 6675 Afternoon, same color as the kitchen walls) and out (street facing is SW 6766 Mariner) and the inside of the main house door (also SW 6766 Mariner). Aubrey also painted the frame of the powder room mirror using the front door color (SW6606 Coral Reef). I also made rice and chicken olive things for dinner, hard boiled eggs for the week, finished a book, and packed stuff up to be taken back to Philly in between door coats.

Another nice family weekend, more chill than most with both Stephens feeling poorly but we'll take it as it's always nice to be together. 

There is a primary in PA tomorrow - local politics impact your life tremendously. Please make a point to get out and vote!

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