Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - back fill

Photos from last week - I skipped Thursday Thoughts on 5/13 so this is a backfill for me (as in I am writing it on 5/17 and setting the publish date to 5/13, not written before or on 5/13) and if you enjoy it too, even better. I will blog forever if only to store my paint colors somewhere accessible LOL. 

Shore doors got painted. Main house is SW 6606 Coral Reef and apartment door is SW 6564 Red Clover - this is one of the deeper pinky purple colors I see in hydrangeas at the shore and it is exactly what I wanted.  

Some other pics from the week...
-I remember when I didn't want to move desks in the office because the monitors "knew" my set up. Now I literally pop up a monitor wherever at the shore now that I'm reacclimating to working in my apartment since the summer season is coming. 
-It was a rough beginning of last week so wonton and laying were required. 
-New office chair Aubrey passed along to me! Over a year into WFH and I'm grooving
-My old boy at a Dog Beach trip
-Ben smashed the patriarchy pen so we can only surmise he would also smash the patriarchy
-Gus and Ben in the yard. No Bruce this week but we still have him LOL

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