Monday, May 24, 2021

TWTW - the one with the forever friends

This weekend my annual girls weekend with the women I met in junior high and have traveled through life with since. I can't describe how much they mean to me, and how I wish everyone had tried and true friendships with people that have seen their good, bad, and ugly through their life stages. It keeps you centered, honest, and humble. It is difficult to forget who you are when other people truly know, and in this life we all need people who know us as we are, ground us, accept us, and love us. We will see each other through the year when we can, but all of us at once is very rare, and we are never all together without husbands/kids/pets save for this weekend so it is treasured time. We don't actually plan or do anything standardly except laugh, come prepared with tons of snacks but end up scrambling for dinner after most places in town have closed, and just enjoy being together as we are. Missing this weekend was the most bitter pill to swallow in the pandemic year, and it was so great to be all fully vaccinated and back almost wetting our pants laughing, popping bottles, talking about nothing and everything, catching up, sharing memories, relaxing, telling old stories, having a personal shopping session from Kim's sunglasses company (shop here: Yunizon Eyewear), and just being together. 

They were all gone by around 2, and I reorganized a closet, made my to do lists for the week, considered starting them, and lay down to rest and finish a book instead. Mark and Sarah arrived and I hung out with them for a bit before calling it a night. 

I look forward to this weekend forever and it's over in a blink. Until next year!

Please encourage friendships like this in your kids - they are life making.

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