Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Fat Tuesday Haikuesday

Fat Tuesday donut.
A year without Mardi Gras.
Go away, Covid.

Pandemic diet:
We ride the sugar dragon.
Sweets daily. I know.

Groundhog day again.
This is pandemic life now.
Will it ever end?

Coffee intake down,
like losing my religion.
Call up R.E.M

Every day hydrate.
Slamming 100 ounces.
Hey, water water.

Gone candle crazy.
Rose gold candle tray of tools.
I am extra now.

I miss restaurants, 
seeing people on the street.
Many things. Not you trains.

Remember hugging?
Carefree coming and going? 
Now, a production.

Looking for balance.
Days run into each other.
Do calendars help?

Skincare regime up.
It gives me something to do
that feels like progress. 

Joy is not cancelled,
though some days hard to find.
Go play hide & seek.

February gray
can go away whenever. 
You are not welcome.

I used to Haikuesday every Tuesday. It felt good to revisit today.

Today is Tuesday, right? 

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