Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Five 2.12.2021

1. My favorite seasoning hands down. It is expensive and it is worth it.

2. Who loves love of all types yet dislikes the commercial nature of Valentine’s Day but has ordered tons of sweets from all small businesses? Meee. Including this orange and dulce de leche cake roll I ordered through Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse in Philly. It is delicate fucking perfection and they ship everywhere. The flavor was a Feminist Flea special. 

3. I got myself this neck pillow for Christmas and it helps a lot. Stretch for 10 minutes a day, nice nice. Then I slap on some Biofreeze like a proper elder and get on with my night. (affiliate links in this one)

4. My nails were a hot mess last night. I quickly did a little pink and red job because that’s my business  When they were all painted I realized  I never buffed or filed them. Next week. 

5. I am through with the snow but I don’t think the snow is through with us. This is like actual winter for the first time in years.

Speaking of small biz, South Fellini is having a sale - half off orders over $35 using the code HOAGIELIPS. Philly friends will get that jawn. They have the best tee-shirts, super soft, especially if you're from Philly.

Happy weekend! What are you up to?

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