Monday, February 1, 2021

TWTW - the last one in January

Friday I shot down to a sunset walk, where we only lasted 10 minutes due to the insane whipping wind. I came back and worked late, then read. I did throw some shit in a pot in the afternoon and that turned out freaking amazing: chicken thighs from the freezer, canned mushrooms, canned tomatoes, canned artichokes. Who's cleaning out their pantry? I am.

Saturday Smoke was in the air on our morning walk. Playland was on fire up on the boardwalk. Thankful that the winds of Friday were not present Saturday. The temps were dangerously low and firefighters worked their asses off to contain and put out the fire. It was sad to see, and sad for the small businesses who lost coming off of an already hard year. We were out walking at lunch and again at sunset. Other than that we lay around, ate leftovers, horked down the new pie crust cookies that arrived, cleaned toilets, and waffled over what to do about the incoming storm. 

Sunday I painted my nails (OPI We the Female and OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry), packed up, cleaned up, secured outside items, and was on my way back to Philly as the first snowflakes were falling at the shore. My grocery delivery order placed on Saturday was apparently not arriving, so I cancelled it because the store I did the order from was 40 minutes away and I didn't want someone busting their ass getting to my house. I tip well but not that well. Thus I became a person who goes to the store when a storm is coming. In typical circumstances I am not that person as I have the privilege to always have food in the pantry. This house has been left unstocked since I've lived at the shore since May 2020. I never want to go to the store as the snow storm is starting ever again if I can help it. I bought myself some $3.99 flowers for the trouble. I keep asking MFD what he's eating. He has no answers. 
Once that hell was over, I reclined on the couch because dinner was a pan of lasagna from my brother in law Mark that was awesome. We watched I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore and The Fundamentals of Caring. I fell out on the couch and never went up to bed. 

February 1 as of today. All Januarys have been approximately three years long. This one felt like five minutes. 

Have a good one!

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