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Collagen Induction Therapy: Does Microneedling Work?

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Microneedling is a dermatological treatment procedure that can produce impressive, cosmetic results while treating melasma, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, scars and even baldness to some extent. However, due to the relative novelty of this procedure, confusion and rumours often end up misdirecting individuals who can really make use of it. To clear confusions regarding the microneedling treatment process, its applicability and expected results, go through the brief discussions, as stated below.

Are Microneedling and CIT the Same Thing?
Collagen induction therapy and microneedling are terms used to describe the same core set of processes, so the answer is yes, they are the same thing. However, depending on the clinic or the dermatologist, there could be minute differences between how the treatment is carried out. For example, Dr. Liesel Holler has a unique procedure where the microneedling process’s efficacy is maximised by combining it with nanotech peels. More information about collagen induction therapy with nano peels and its superiority over regular microneedling can be found on

What Conditions Can Collagen Induction Therapy Treat?
CIT is a minimally invasive, surgical procedure which can be used to treat:
  • Scars
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Cellulites
  • Sunspots
  • Enlarged skin pores
  • Flaccid skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Baldness (differential results)
What Exactly is the Microneedling Process?
A microneedling pen is used by a trained dermatologist to prick tiny, pin-sized holes into the skin of the patient to initiate or improve the skin’s natural collagen growth. The pen is used with special care, ensuring that the holes are created evenly. Before the treatment begins, a local/topical anaesthetic will be applied to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Post-procedure serums, creams, peels and other topical medication might be applied to improve the treatment’s possible results, as well as to prevent any chances of an infection. Multiple sessions will be necessary to complete the treatment though, but only your dermatologist can tell you how many you will need.

What are the Possible Side-Effects?
Side-effects post microneedling are minimal, and they can be listed as the following:
  • Irritated, red and inflamed skin (this is a normal effect, considered to be a crucial part of the treatment)
  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight (this is also a normal effect, but the application of a sunscreen is highly recommended)
Possible Complications
Aside from the usual side effects, certain complications can also arise if:
  • The patient was still using a retinoid before going in for a session of microneedling
  • The patient was pregnant and failed to inform the dermatologist
  • The patient had other skin conditions which do not allow for microneedling, such as psoriasis
  • The patient went through radiation therapy in the recent past.
Bleeding post procedure, severe bruising, skin peeling and skin infections are extremely rare, but when observed, should be treated as a sign of concern. Contact your doctor immediately to have it looked at and taken care of.

Now that you have all your facts about CIT straight, making an informed choice should be much easier. It should be noted that there is always some degree of risk with any treatment process, but compared to alternative treatments, CIT is a much safer promise. There was even a post on the promising future of microneedling tech published by the Harvard Medical School back in 2019 if you want to read further into the topic.

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