Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - Dancing in the deepest oceans twisting in the water

1. People who throw these out are always married to people who put them in a drawer. I have been opening drawers and throwing these out the entire 18 years we've been living together. 
2. Just like when a recipe is good and you share it, we must also share what we find to be not good. This gooey chocolate chip cookie pie was too fucking rich. Like, inedible rich, too chocolatey to swallow rich. We ended up scraping the top part (the only cookie dough-ish part) and eating that and throwing the rest out. I detest throwing out food. 

3. The rest of this week's food has been good. Aldi's salmon is tops. I continued on that theme with lox for a bagel, and of course the standard snow day grilled cheese. I'd typically be using deli cooper sharp and white bread but this is what I had so this is what it was. 
4. It's been quite a while since I used my snow day mug, and I could have used it multiple days because what a lingerer. I'm back at the shore as of last night and there's no snow here. I prefer that. When there's too much snow it's a nightmare to get in and out of my snow walled in parking spot and I hate looking at piles of dirty snow. The dogs prefer no snow for bathroom purposes obvi. It's pretty to look at for a few hours then it is a pain in the ass in every way.

5. I am reminded that I cleaned the bathrooms but did not vacuum before I left on Sunday. The dogs don't mind if no one ever vacuums anywhere. Cue the dog photos of the week.
6. Did you know some of the violent trump supporter insurrectionists who were arrested after storming the Capitol to defend the outgoing president's claims of a stolen election didn't even vote in the election? In what fucking world...oh. In the white supremacist world. Duh. I would not attempt any sort of unity with one motherfucker who did this, supported this, encouraged this, or incited this. If you played into the stolen election theme, that's you. Elected officials who played into that that are left in office will overthrow the government in the future. I don't think people understand quite how de-stabilized we are right now and how vulnerable that leaves us to foreign influence and interference that conservatives pretend to care about. Fuck off with that unity talk when it suits you. Republicans, divest from people in your party, your elected officials, and the party itself if you do not support this siege on the Capitol. And turn off Fox News, for shit's sake. 

7. Matchy match match match. ALSO. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. February always sneaks up. This week was Harriett's Bookshop's first anniversary. Black-woman owned, opened in Philly a mere month before the pandemic set in. This has been a year for them, but they have remained through it all. If you can shop in person, please do. If not, shop via bookshop. Merch is also available. If you can, donate to their venmo (search for Harriett's Bookshop). It helps keep their interns, who will be our next generation of truth keepers, story tellers, and community leaders and activists. 

8. If you want candles with good throw, check out Swan Creek candles. I buy them from a local store here in Ocean City but they're online as well. Sorry this is the photo I chose...they usually burn very evenly but MFD was doing the wick management so...anyway they come in all types of vessels. I love the timeless collection.

9. Reminder:

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What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Just Like Heaven by The Cure

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