Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Five for Feet 2.5.2021

Friday five for feet. Are we excited? My heels are always cracked and my feet look terrible on the bottom like an always barefoot sea hag ogre. Until now. I've used some of my stay at home time over the past 10+ freaking months to figure out what the hell works. Here it is for me. There are some $ things on here. This is not a bargain basement list. I am now running a pedicure palace in my home where I am the only customer so I consider this an investment in my business. I got off the ground easy because I've been running a nail salon in my home since I was like 15. Boom. The two amazon links are affiliates. 

1. Foot tub. I've had the massagers, electric, whatever. Not for me. Just give me a roomy enough for water and soaking, like this one. I also keep one outside at the shore to rinse feet off. For inside soaks, I throw a towel under it  so when I pull my feet out to do other steps in this regimen I'm not getting water everywhere.

2. Special soaking mixture for foot tub. Hear me out. Some Dr. Teal's pink himalayan soak, about half a cup of vinegar, a cup of listerine, and a few drops of lavender. It sounds weird, I know, but it works. I sit back and read and let it do its thing. I soak every two weeks. 

3. The dead skin trio. I scrub a dub dub with my trusty pumice stone, then get busy with my cheese grater for feet. You might know this as a foot rasp? I prefer cheese grater for feet because that's what it is. You can use on wet or dry feet. I dry. Resist the urge to go wild with this or you will be walking around on bloody stumps. Go slow and use light pressure. When I'm done with that, I use this little Cala jobby that I found in Homegoods to even things out. I use these as necessary - don't always soak my feet first. 

4. The Bookman 1802 Goats. I got the Walking on Clouds goat milk heel polish and the pure goat milk cuticle serum on my BFF Laura's recommendation. They are excellent. I doused myself in the cuticle serum the first time so use con cuidado. The Sally Hansen cuticle remover followed by this is chef's kiss for cuticles. And cuticle maintenance is important for everyone, not just femmes. I do cuticle maintenance on nails and toes once a week. I will use the serum more often if my cuticles are looking raggedy. I use the heel polish every two weeks when I do the foot soak. 

5. Beauty Counter melting body balm. I got it during a big sale and it was half off praise the lord but honestly will buy it at full price because it works. I will pay for shit that works vs. trying a million less expensive things that don't and added up end up being more than the thing I didn't want to spend money on. If you don't know anyone who sells it I buy through Steph, always have & always will. The only thing that has actually addressed the cracked heels. I've tried every damn foot lotion, straight oils, you name it. I use this every day before I put socks on. When we go back to non-sock times, I will apply before bed. 

I'm happy that I have gotten my feet looking human, and staying that way. I've failed in the maintenance in the past. I'm on top of this shit now.

Happy Friday! What feet products make your list? 

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