Monday, July 27, 2020

TWTW - the one that felt normal-ish

Friday I was up and moving by 6 for a dog walk/feed, picked up laundry at the wash & fold, got OPC and watched some surfing, and put out some work fires right away before settling into a groove. It was a busy day, Thursday was too...but I spent lunch scraping the last of the adhesive off the tile entry of our apartment. Debbie arrived after 7 and Bruce was so freaking excited he could not contain himself for a long time. Like, long. 
Saturday Started early when Bruce woke up at 5;30 and discovered Debbie was still there and could then not go back to sleep out of excitement. I did a little snack prep, then did turnover with help from Debbie at various points, and we hit the beach around 2:15 and lingered late, until after 7. It was a nice day! I started a new book and we devoured caprese when we got back. We did face masks and I painted my nails (Orly Trendy) and we watched Dirty Dancing. Close to a perfect day! MFD arrived late and woke me up trying to watch the TV at midnight. Rage rage rage
Sunday We all had coffee, I battled driveway sand, and then Debbie and I hit the beach at 9 and saw an awesome butterfly on the walk down. We meant to stay until 11:30 and wound up staying until after 4. Debbie got lunch from Farmstand for us, and MFD brought me a book because I finished mine and we rented an umbrella. Which does not have SPF like mine and my face got lit up. Debbie left around 6:30 and I was one with the couch, hiding the shame of my face burn from the world. 
Modest food prep: tuna for sandwiches, caesar salad, cut up veggies, limes for my water, onion dip, cut up cheese, the aforementioned caprese. On that summer food prep flow. 

I drove back to Philly this morning, I have the dentist tomorrow and a freaking hair appointment Wednesday! So I'm disoriented and feeling behind today. It was nice to see the old dogs. It's the longest we've been apart in quite a while. Maybe ever. 

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