Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you

1. It’s me.

2. I was off yesterday, and aside from that I spent a few hours on the beach with my BFF and got Kohr Bros on the way home. It was great! I did not open my computer once all day, for any reason. I also did the farmers market and dropped laundry off, but those are not typically in the great category. 

3. I’ve arrived at my lazy summer meals quite early for me, and I blame this on quarantine overcooking. We’re on lunch meat and pasta salad with farmers market veggies. What are your easy summer meals? I got a freaking awesome basil plant at the Farmers Market, fruit & veg of course, delicious key lime pie, and tie dye masks. Caring about the health of others, but make it fashion. We also had the gas company out, as our guest smelled gas...and who comes before the gas company? The fire trucks with their sirens. No leaks, just the inefficient hot water heater. Better safe than sorry, especially in 2020, amiright? 
4. I wrote and shared this on Facebook and sharing here too. I’m tired. We cannot ignore things we all learned in school because we have been brainwashed by Cult 45 or Fox News. If you did not learn about the Bill of Rights in school and how it protects citizens and why government has no say in the right to assemble so they can’t okay it or cancel it like a fucking parade or concert associated with the city, please tell me your school district, location, and graduating year in the comments because I’m contacting them to inquire about their curriculum at the time you were in school. It's time for this to stop.
5. Kim and I were discussing my upcoming haircut yesterday. Less than 10 days, people! Anyway I was saying how I want to chop my hair but not until the fall and this came up as five years ago like my own memories were listening to me.
6. Dogs this week
7. After work shit this week. I am now the type of person who goes to the grocery store at 9 pm in her bathing suit. I just want to be clear about my lifestyle at this point. 

8. Other things I'm feeling this week. Looks like we have quite a long way to go on systemic racism, wondering how people feel being walled in this country with no ability to go elsewhere because of mishandling of this pandemic and toddler size tantrums from adults over wearing masks. Changing team names is good but where is the money? As Dorothy's lead in photo says, I'm tired. 
9. Reminder 

10. E-cards 
That's all I've got.  Aside from a belated blog happy birthday to Gena yesterday. 

The words following the hyphen are the song I am listening to when I start the Thursday Thoughts post. This week is Wonderwall by Oasis

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