Monday, July 20, 2020

TWTW - the one of work and rest

Friday I saw MFD and the old dogs off early and did a 7-4 shift (I try to do 7-3 most Fridays I'm not on a deadline), then picked up laundry, got some necessities from the hardware store, and stayed up late finishing a book.  
Saturday Kim dropped off coffee for me before she headed out of town. It was so nice to spend time with her, Libby, and Steve last week, especially in the midst of this goddamn virus. I'm looking forward to seeing Debbie and Laura soon too. The guests leaving were great, they were literally a last minute booking as I had a cancellation on Wednesday and they booked that night. I love when things work out especially in the year of covid-19. I geared up in my cleaning clothes and did my thing - I've been doing projects or extra cleaning in the house around my cleaning crew coming because we lost so much of the spring so turnovers have been sweaty and exhausting. This week in addition to the normal shit I do with towels and bedding and attention to areas that need it, I cleaned out and reorganized the storage closet in the kitchen, swapped out the toaster and kitchen trash can, and swapped out the outdoor ottomans and cushions. I attempted to save the old outdoor ottomans but no dice. They're usable for my apartment but not guests. The outdoor cushions are a regular swap at certain points in the summer.  Anyway by the time I'm done turnovers this summer, I am like, fucking done. Especially when it is extremely hot like Saturday. I needed Gatorade, which I never drink. I got a shower, painted my nails and toes (OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini and Significant Other Color on nails, Essie One Way For One on toes), and ordered dinner - enough food for Sunday too. 
At night I took a long walk with Bruce & Ben back by the bay - they are flower creepers too. It was Night in Venice weekend, which is jam packed and has huge catered parties all over. That was cancelled of course. I hope the businesses here can survive this year. 
Sunday Another humid AF day. I was at the beach from 9-11, and my hair was literally wet even though I did not go in the water. I enjoyed my coffee there, came home and lounged and read inside all the live long day (check out 28 Summers by Elin H) with no guilt for doing nothing or not going outside unless absolutely necessary. Around 8 I went up and got froyo for National Ice Cream Day (ish). Which is of course necessary.

It was my first weekend alone in quite a while, MFD usually comes back at some point but he's been busy with work so I'm solo for a while down here. How was your weekend? 

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