Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - Tell the ol boys in the white bread lobby what they can and can't do with their bodies

Assembling my vitamins, and taking them every damn day, which makes me feel like a grown up.

Painting my nails with one of my favorites - OPI My Private Jet

Having a how is this my life moment Tuesday night.
Sharing Monday sunset photos too. Wednesday was awesome cotton candy skies after a stormy afternoon but I was happy to see it from my porch after a brain busting day and didn't get good photos. 

that a lot lately: watching the world go by from the front porch of my shore apartment. Especially when it's too peopley, which it definitely is on the weekend. I am still not going many places, beaching at off hours, jamming on curbside pickup, getting delivery, masking up, stepping far wide of people on sidewalks, and washing my hands. We are back to living a little but we are still in a global pandemic and need to live a differently than we were. Everyone's risk/reward is different and I trust everyone with a brain is weighing those things carefully. Debbie is coming down this weekend. Kim and fam will be in town in a few weeks. Laura and fam a few weeks after that. I'd rather see my people than be on the beach at high noon, roaming Target, eating out, etc. Maybe the reverse is what is keeping you sane. When you are pissed at what other people are doing, think also about what you're doing that they might not be. There is no prize for the best quarantining. I just hope we're all being safe and doing what we can in regards to the safety of others. Like masking up when we need to.

Wondering if people who accused the government of tanking the economy over the Covid shut-down but now refuse to wear masks indoors and/or when they can't maintain six feet outdoors as we open back up know they are also tanking the economy as cases rise? Refusing to wear a mask puts businesses where there are mask mandates indoors (and there should be, everywhere) in untenable positions. Not to mention 1) you are now the ones who are going to tank the economy forcing another shutdown - if you are that economically motivated, here's something pertaining to Goldman Sachs and the economy of masking and 2) It is such a small, simple thing to do. This is a GLOBAL pandemic. We are the ONLY country in the world that has been unable to manage this. No one else is bitching and whining about masking up, thinking it relates only to their country, or about politics. We are still in slow the spread mode here. How do people think shazam the virus is gone when we never fully shut down? Come on people! Act right!  Those who do not want to wear mask could take their own advice - if they don't feel safe out in the world wearing a mask, they can feel free to stay at home as the rest of us try to navigate the world as it is right now. DO YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO FULL LOCKDOWN? NO? Then wear a mask when you are in stores and outside in public with people outside of your group in areas or situations where you can't maintain six feet of distance. Always have a mask with you. They are the new sunglasses/water bottle/keys/wallet. Thanks, bye.

Recommending Aunt Mary Pat's most recent video on the cornteen 15 which is fucking hilarious (non Philly-area people, that's a solid accent),  this video of the black lives matter marches in every state, this powerful OpEd You Want a Confederate Monument? My Body is a Confederate Monument; What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? (full speech by Frederick Douglass here); author Kimberly Jones on David Jones's video How Can We Win talking about how black people are related to economics in this country using an example many people should be able to relate to and how we have broken every fucking social contract we have.

Reading number 7 in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter, who liked my tag of her on Instagram causing me to squeal with glee. Author fangirling is my favorite fangirling. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. I should finish the Will Trent today, then I have eleventy billion other options at my fingertips, both hard copy and electronic. I'm not sure what's next. 

Forgetting, all week, that we are closed in observance of the Fourth tomorrow. MFD is heading home to work today and I am planning on just fucking off doing a lot of reading and nothing. Holler. 

Using whatever I can get my hands on to tame this hay bale hair 

Eating a Monday night pick me up
Hoping you're all committed to voting these people out in November. Also, go ahead and tell me they don't resemble each other or they didn't know, then attempt to live a life where you have any integrity. I dare you.


Listening to March March by The Chicks - have you seen The March March video? Powerful AF and very well done. Lyrics that come after the hyphen in the post title are from that. 

Reminding you

Laughing because it's me, on the porch

What's new?

Linking up with Kristen

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