Monday, July 6, 2020

TWTW - the one that didn't go as planned

Thursday MFD left in the morning and blew a tire out on the way home, stranded for a few hours. Thank God he left the old dogs here instead of taking them. That was an unexpected and very expensive problem. After all that drama I was really looking forward to a three day weekend. I cut up some fruit, read and had some ice cream, walked the dogs in pairs of two, and came back from walking Gus and Mae to find Bruce had gotten into the trash, which was behind a gate to keep him out, and eaten a bunch of corn cobs. Cue a night of vomiting from him and shitting from Gus. 

Friday I decided Bruce had to go to the emergency vet. Five+ hours in the parking lot and close to $1000 later, Bruce came home with me to be monitored instead of spending an additional $1400 on overnight stays/monitoring. Meanwhile Debbie was supposed to come down this weekend - we haven't seen each other since New Year's thanks to quarantine life, and her cat got sick so these animals totally screwed us. Between Thursday night and Friday night I got nine hours of sleep. 
Saturday Back at the animal hospital for more X-rays to find out things were moving as they should and no obstruction had happened overnight. I gussied up the house for the Fourth and busted my ass on turnover changing bedding and a bunch of other shit. I was just fucking done after that. I turned the air on and lay down and did nothing for hours aside from monitoring Bruce and walking dogs. I headed to the beach later. There were a lot of people out and a lot of errant fireworks since the big show was cancelled. The full moon was awesome. MFD returned and took over dog monitoring and poop collecting. I finished a book and fell out hard. 
Sunday I slept in and woke up late, feeling refreshed. We rode our bikes down to a beach where MFD could fish but it was too windy and there was a passing shower we waited out under an umbrella. I started a new book. We came back to snack and lounge, then went back to our beach after hours to read and fish. It's so nice to not have to worry about when I'm going back to Philly and preparing to leave the house every day to go to work and instead just opening up my laptop and working. 
I tried cobb salad dip this weekend (meh, will not make again), and made a salad, which is basically what we've been eating. 

That's that! Hope you had a better and less expensive one than we did! 

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