Tuesday, July 21, 2020

She Seeks Seashells

I head to the beach after work. 
I bring a book, but I don't always read it.
I wear a bathing suit, or I don't. 
MFD is there too, fishing, or he's not.
I have a mesh bag to collect my treasures, and if I forget it, I use whatever else I have. 
I'm pleased when low tide approaches or arrives between the hours of five and nine.
I wander up and down the tide line, slowly.
Shell seeking.
One of my Gamma's favorite books was The Shell Seekers. 
I learned to be a shell seeker from her, and my mom, and my aunts. 
Seeking specific shells. 
The kind I like.
Every shell seeker has their favorites.
But also some smooth, lots of times translucent rocks worn so soft from tumbling in the ocean.
Who needs a rock tumbler? 
Use the Atlantic.
And sea glass, a major prize.
When I find a lot of pieces I put them all in my palm and take a picture to share with my niece. 
A blissfully blank mind.
Only the sound of waves, and laughing gulls, and snippets of conversations that don't concern me.
The light washes everything honey gold as the sun goes down. 

Happy birthday to my friends Mr. Chris and Dawn today!

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